Friday, December 17, 2010

*sigh* help me lord

Freezing rain, sleet and freezing temperatures are not a good mix, especially when your house sits on a hill and your driveway is steep as hell. I had to catch a cab to work yesterday because we were pretty much stuck on the hill with the cars. I went outside yesterday to do a dry run with out the baby and car seat to determine the best way to get down our hill. There is no best way down our hill. I tried to go down the grass, which was icy as hell and ended up slididng down mY neighbors driveway. -Accident #1- On my way back up the drive way I musta hit a slippery piece of ice (as if there is a such thing as a non slippery piece of ice) and I slid down the hill, lost my balance and rolled down the hill.  So by this time im serious contemplating how im going to get myself, 3 bags, Jr and the carseat down this hill with out breaking bones, busting asses or killing us. Thank god I found this little shovel in the garage, I used that to make a small path down the drive that I can walk down safely. Thank God I had a nice cab driver, he offered to carry the carseat down while I carried jr down. He was really nice for offering, but I feel bad because he kinda slid down my driveway. I giggled. Lol My chld has been in more adventures in his 7 months of living. Bug he takes it all in stride and smiles. I love him.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

hes a good investment!

So apparently Jr does not like peas. When we try to feed it to him, we have more peas on his face, bib and high chair tray than we do in his mouth. So what i do to get him to eat it is toast some bread and smear it on there, cut em up into pieces and let him gnaw away. Its so funny because anytime Jr is in his highchair, Pachino is close by. Pachino is starting to understand that when Jr is in the highchair he does benifit from it also. When Jr is done with the piece of bread he was sucking on, he just opens his hands and lets it fall to the floor. Pachino probably thinks that he is a good investment since he doesnt get to eat table scraps. Now that we have the baby he gets baby scraps and baby food. lol Pachino has eaten squash, peas, carrots or whatever  the baby is eating. lol its great

Monday, December 13, 2010

its now time to baby proof my home.

Jr is now  7 months, he isnt crawling because he hates being on his stomach. I put  him in his walker and over the past two days hes realized how to get moving in that thing. He scoots to the tv and the christmas tree. I am constantly getting up and telling him no when hes in that tree. its crazy. he walked around his bedroom today and was instantly drawn to the tall dresser in his room. he was pullin like crazy at the drawers. Then he wandered to his changing table. I had to push everything back against the wall so he couldnt grab anything. I didnt realize i was going to be in constant motion with him, but it only makes sense. Its exciting watching him grow. Hell he's 7 months now and i STILL have those: OMG this is my child moments. That still blows my mind.

7 months and counting, Jr is learning to walk in his walker. He can scoot backwards on the ground, along with rolling over both ways. He is drooling on EVERYTHING and EVERTHING is going in his mouth. He can sit up for long periods of time before falling back   He blows plenty of spit bubbles and is a babbling mess. lol He is truly my heart.<3 p.e.a.c.e

Monday, November 29, 2010

perfect time of year for some firsts..

To me this is the best time of year. Its a time when family get together, the seasons change and we start to get snow, Christmas lights go up on peoples houses (including ours) :) This is the first year that we have put lights up on our house, i think they came out great. I think im most excited about the lights and our tree. lol I cant help it christmas lights make my soul smile. 
When jr saw our tree for the first time, he was like wtf is this? looked at it and went on about his business. lol The first time he saw it was during day light so i didnt expect him to be too excited about it, but when he saw it at night his eyes got big! it was too cute. i wish our lights blinked so that they could be more entertaining, but it is what it is and he still enjoys it. 
The most important first that weve had here recently is Jr holding his bottle now!! i still have to prop his hands up on it, but after that we are good to go! I cant believe how big he has gotten. he had a great thanksgiving hanging out with his granny and other family members. From what im told he ate very good that day (i was at work.) His first holidays are going great, i just cant wait until he understands it foreal! 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

just a moment in my mind..

 This is our babysitter. lol just playin. this boy loves him some pachino. My computer is finally working again, so now i can post my pictures again. right now jr is sleeping, so i figured id take a moment to blog a little bit. 
I made some white chicken chili tonight, and mel loved it. yay! its getting cold out so its soup and stew type weather to me. So im just glad that i made one that he likes. now to make stew. 
i think jr is hitting another growing spurt. hes been doing alot of sleeping when were just hanging out at home. its like he eats and hangs out for like an hour then he just starts getting cranky and  finally passes out. if he is in   a growing spurt, im ready. ive already washed his 6-9 month clothes and hes actually been wearing some. i need to get him some more socks. i dont really know where to find any at. I cant recall ever seeing any when i worked at target. All i know is that my little fat foot baby needs some more socks.
Sr is watching the game and im getting sleepy so this is where this blog ends. lol 

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Its funny how jr is 6 months now and im still having these "omg this is really my child" moments. Hes hit the stage now to where all he does is blow spit bubbles. its so funny. he babbles alot too. my grandma said he said da-da today. sr and i had a bet as to who he would say first. when she told me that i was crushed!! lol we ma-ma-ma-ma-ma in the car, and when we hang out and he went ahead and said da-da first! aint that a blip! i would have been ok with him sayin pa-pa first, but da-da? youve got to be serious! lol sr is too crunk about it. hes also figuring out those legs of his and turning over more. hes been kicking his legs alot and kinda scooting along. hes growing so fast its crazy.

there was a question game going on facebook the other day. if someone asked you a question you had to answer it in your status. someone asked me what the best part about being a mom. my answer was the toothless grin that he gives me. especially when i pick him up from my grandmas or when i go to get him in the morning. i just am so greatful for him and amazed that this small person is mine. omg this is really my child. oh man. i love my life. but im out, gotta get to work by 7.

Monday, November 8, 2010

take time to count your blessings.

I can say that when it comes to my son, i am truly truly blessed. im not trying to brag, i simply just want to share how god is so good, and how he will always provide the things that you need. I have a walker, swing, jumperoo, exersaucer, bumbo and now a high chair. Thank you Lord for those blessings. All of the clothes that i have for jr have been given to me. i havent had to buy anything for him even with the season change. i have been blessed for real with him. <3 thats all. Peace

Thursday, November 4, 2010

i love this feeling..

i love this feeling of being a working mom. i got my first check today and i love that feeling. ive missed working. sounds crazy i know but its true. it really helps that jr has a wonderful woman to watch him during the day while im at work. i love the fact that im tired because im going to work. i guess getting this first check was just a nice sigh of relief! 
i also love the feeling that i get when my now 6 month old son smiles at me. he completely melts my heart and has me wrapped aroung his finger. lol happy 6 month birthday jr! mommy loves you!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

I'll never forget my first time..

I got my first professional full body massage today. My friend and her mother gave me a gift card to a spa here and I finally used it today. Getting that massage was so nice. I didn't fall asleep during it but I wasn't awake either. It was so nice. I got to use the sauna and the whole line of aveeda products. They also had a self style area that you could fix your hair if you decided to wash it while you were there. Trust and believe I used it. I got my monies worth today. Plus I was gonna have to wash my hair today anyway so I worked out. Lol that was the best part of this day.
Work has been going well. It's easy money and the hours are great. Jr seems to be adjusting well. He does good at the sitters and good when he comes home. Although he was backed up for 5 days earlier this week. But we got him taken care of. They're gonna have to check his GI track this next dr visit because he's on day 3 again. So well see. I have to switch formula again. The dr changed us from good start to similac and even though the brand I use isn't being recalled I still can't find it anywhere, so were going to enfamil ar now. Hopefully this will be ok with him and his reflux. Well see. Oh well, Jr is knocked out in my arms now and I'm bout to put him down. Be easy 

Friday, October 22, 2010

im starting to feel more like a grown up.

ive been working for a week now, so that means that ive been doing the whole time away from my son all day and learning how to get things together like a true mommy. lol Its interesting. im finding that i have to write everything down in order to make sure i get everything. I have a note in the fridge under my keys (so i dont forget my lunch) telling me to not forget the baby food in the freezer. I forgot them when i  dropped jr off for the first time. lol so now im writing notes to myself. Thats one thing ive noticed. 
Its funny, because when im driving in the morning dropping him off, i get this feeling of :i feel like someones mom: dropping him off and picking him up. lol  i guess im just doing it just like i pictured it in my head, and im loving every part of it. It really is amazing the feelings being a parent gives you. 
Ive been giving jr solids twice a day now. he has lunch at mama t's and some at dinner. The solids have replaced the rice bottle at night. his sleeping patterns really havent changed much. He seems to sleep through the nights about once a week now, hopefully that will start to increase soon. I have yet to try fruit, but i do have applesauce in the freezer so ill be trying it tomorrow. 
sooo thats about all for now, its time for me to pass out!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 1 down!

Today was my official first day of work, and I can say that I
digging this new job. I woke up exxtra early this morning like 545ish so I could get in the shower,eat get jr up, feed him and get us both dressed. Well even after doing all of that and driving to my grandma house I still had an hour to burn before I was to clock in. When I dropped jr off, he didn't cry or scream or anything (thank god) then again I didn't really give him the chance to, because I knew that if he started bawling while I was there I'd be boo hooing all the way to work lookin like a damn mess. But mama t said he did fine today and so did I. Work is easy breezy, and the atmosphere is cool. I actually enjoyed being there today. But what made it better was when I went to pick up jr and he gave me thee biggest smile ever. That was when I knew everything was going to be alright. But I've definatly learned my lesson. Waking up at 545am is a biggggg no no. I'm bout to crash now. Lol

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here's to a new start...

Well I have good news! I have a part time gig that I start tomorrow. I'm excited to work again and having mild seperation anxiety because of it. I'm not sure why I'm really tripping so much about this considering I've left him with family and friends over night and this is only for a few hours, but I'm still kinda freaking out on the inside. I'm excited cuz I need a little break from my house, and Jr. But at the same time it's like omg I've been with him for the past 5 months and now I have to leave him with someone else!?! Ahhhh!!! I think he has an idea of what's going on because for the past two days he's been extra cranky and whining and very clingy. I just pray that he doesn't start bawling when I leave him, the last thing I need is to be crying my eyes out on my way to the job on my first day.
I left him with my sister-in-law last night and I know he was givin her the blues with allthe screaming and crying, she said she put orajel on his gums and he calmed down. So maybe he is starting to teethe. But even so if he is I'm not really a fan of orajel because I read somewhere that it makes the gums hard which makes it worse when the teeth actually cut through. So I don't know. I guess we shall see. Tomorrow starts a new adventure.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The seasons aren't the only thing changing

My time as a stay at home mom is coming to an end. I'm not to terribly excited about this but it has to be done. The prices on everything seems to keep getting higher and now days everybody has damn near 2 jobs and they are barely staying ahead. So it's time I get back inyo the wonderful world of working again. I'm not dreading the fact that I have to go back to work, I'm stressing the most about child care. I can't afford daycare and I really have no one to watch my son. So now I have this extra stress about this. My sister in law said that her grandmother is willing to watch him so hopefully that will work out. At least my job hunt isnt going too bad. I have a phone interview tomorrow afternoon and one later in the evening.
so hopefully my next post will have some good news to it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

This monday I...

-Got an email back from evenflo today saying that they were going to send me a replacement axle for free. That was love and i didn't have to even fight with them about it! so yeah i will not complain!! WHOO!!!!

-Made my first batch of baby food today!!! Thanks to I was successful at making some green beans, avocado and sweet potatoes today. It was actually easier than i thought, and i had fun doing it! lol I think i might have found a way to produce some added income by doing this. And i fed some green beans to Jr and he ate them all!!! Ive learned that i have to trick Jr when it comes to actually eating some solids. He knows what his bottle looks like and when he sees it he screams until he gets it (greedy) lol, so this morning when i was getting ready to feed him oatmeal i put his bottle in my pocket so he couldnt see it and proceeded to feed him the oatmeal. He realized after about 5 spoons of oatmeal that he hasnt got any milk yet and threw a fit. lol But at least i know i can get him to eat a few bites without having to give him the bottle right away. :) Im learning!!

-sang HAPPY 5 MONTH BIRTHDAY to my Jr. I cant believe that hes 5 months already!!! I was just thinking about my whole delivery experience the other day. Hell i can remember it all like it was yesterday, and now its 5 months later and hes starting to eat solids. My how time flies. Next thing i know its going to be his first birthday. Thats crazy. 

-will be applying for jobs... Im very sad to say that i will no longer be a SAHM, but it is what it is. I want to start doing more with my family and in order to do that we are going to need more funds. Plus with the economy being the way it is, i cant risk only having one income in the house. Ive been up the creek without a paddle before and it sucks. This time i will have my paddle. So yeah here begins this journey again. Wish me luck! 

what did you do this monday?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dear Evenflo

Im new to this whole mommy thing, so i may be a bit slow at somethings but im seriously confused. Ok, my stroller, the Evenflo Aura looks like its going to loose its wheels at any moment. It looks like the axel is bent in the back and that has warped our tires. So i go to evenflos website and they are saying i need the model number and manufacture date. 101401SK 11198572B where is a date at in there?? they have a trasnlator that says the 2B is the year-month (jan=a, feb=b etc.) but when i go to put this info in on their site its asking for mm/dd/yy. sooo where would the dd be at? Im so confused. I sent them an email with my phone number so hopefully ill be getting a call from them soon. So we shall see how this goes.. this WILL be continued...

Holy smokes Batman


I dont know whats going on with my baby, but Jr has been exxxttrrraa cranky today. Hell eat and then scream at the top of his lungs, so me thinking that he is sleepy ill pick him up and rub his back. He'll fall asleep for about 45 minutes and were repeating the whole process again. I dont know if hes teething, or just not feeling good, but he has just been uber cranky today. I try to burp him a little extra when he gets done eating and when he starts screaming just because i know thats been a problem in the past, but Sheesh a momma needs a break, a few drinks and a good massage after days like today. Im so glad that his daddy is off work tomorrow and will be home, then i can get a small break from him and do fun stuff like laundry and sorting through all of his clothes :-/ 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy birthday Mikey!!!!

Well not completely. My cousin had her baby boy last night. poor thing she didnt have a great pregnancy like i did. She didnt have any major complications during the [pregnancy but she had a long and tiring delivery. But after 17+ hours of contractions, epidurals, pushing and emergency c-section, my lil cousin Mikey is here!!! I cant wait til he gets older and him and Jr are hanging out and playing together. I'm so excited its crazy. lol If all of my family   lived close they would be a serious rat pack. My sister has two girls, 1 year old and a 3 month old. I have Jr who is about to be 5 months and now Mikey!? yeah couldnt mess with em! LOL I am just too excited. :)

Were making changes...

So we went to the Dr after our scary screaming bloody murder experience that we had. The Dr said that he believes its his reflux acting up again, so we changed formulas, upped the dosage on his zantac and elevated the head of the bed. So far so good, he hasn't been throwing up nearly half as much as he was (thank god.)So that was the excitement for the middle of the week. Earlier this week the motor on my washer died.. can you say WTF!?! But lucky for us, my aunt is moving to Alabama and decided that she isn't taking her washer with her, so now its on its way to my house now. (literally) so that is defiantly a blessing.   Now to start sorting out the boxes of clothes that friends have sent us, wash those and get some organization to the dresser drawers in my babies room. Now that i think about this, i have truly been blessed. I have yet to buy clothes for my baby, so i will not complain! 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Second guessing myself..

Jr was laying down sleep tonight and he just suddenly started screaming. And I'm not talking about regular screaming, I'm talking about bloody murder, stop your heart and make you wanna cry screaming. He did this once before when we were outta town at my parents house. My dad who was the on at the house with him said he just had to burp real big and then he was fine, so I figured that's what it was. Babe got spooked and was ready to go to the hospital. I told him to call mom and she said when my brother was little he had a small blockage in his intestine and he would do the same thing and that we should go to the er. So we hop in the car an head downtown, by the time we get there Jr is relaxing and just fine. so after sitting in the car for damn near 20 minutes we decided to go back home. Now he's sleep and my monitors are up all the way. I'm exhausted. Him screaming hurt my heart, and made me cry. *sigh* goin to bed. Night

Its Sunday...ahhh

Well its been a few days since Ive been on here. The past few nights Jr has been sleeping through the night, going on 8 hours strong, but some how that 8 hours ends somewhere around 3 or 4 in the morning, but i wont complain at least its not the 1 or 2 am like it was. Im glad hes getting back on the normal schedule again. Now it just seems like he has to be on me at all times. The other day my cousin came over and took him and he went balistic! He hit 3 different octaves and everything! Ugh i dont know what to do cuz it drives me crazy that he only wants to be up on someone all the time. oh well. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sleep? What is that?

I can't win for losing. The past few nights I've been real lucky cuz Jr has been sleep by 9 and would sleep til about 4. Well I would always nap when he did which was causing me to not get to sleep til about 1. Well I call myself not napping with him yesterday so I could get to bed at a decent hour. Ha! That didn't happen, babe didn't get home from work until 1030 and my lil sis didn't leave til like an hour after that. So when I finally do get to sleep, my little man decides it's time to get up. This is at quarter to 3. Needless to say I'm still up, my arthritic knees are killing me and my wrists are soon to follow on the pain train. I'm drained and the day really hasn't begun yet. Fml

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"He's so spoiled"

When I first had Mel I was so worried about spoiling him it was almost to the point of not holding him an enjoying cuddle time. I was so worried about having "that baby" that nobody wanted to watch because you couldn't put him down without him acting out. I really have tried my best to not spoil him. i read somewhere that you cant spoil a baby within the first 3 months because they dont know how to manipulate you yet...well this 4 month old does. lol if i know hes crying because he wants to be held..well i just have to let him cry for a minute and do what i gotta do, but a couple weeks ago when i thought he was teething, and he was damn near hysterical every day, i had to hold him. I was almost to my breaking point. no scratch that i had a break down that weekend. And i didn't really realize that he was spoiled until my sister in law told me. I'm like well... its too late now. I mean hell i let him chill out in his walker, exersaucer and swing throughout the day along with laying on his play mat, so wth else am i supposed to do? I feel like oh well i shouldn't worry about it but i do. when i go back to work the person that is going to watch him is going to have to deal with that. and if they get too frustrated and decide that shaking my child or some other crazy shit like that is the best option, im gonna have to kill em. *sigh* i dont know what to do. 

This sucks, its going on 8 and Sr. isnt home yet. Jr is sleep, but for some reason he sounds like hes sleeping light and kinda stirring in his room. :Lord please let him continue to sleep til tomorrow morning sometime: It kinda sucks that babe isnt here yet, hes normally home by now. But what can i do, somebody's gotta make the money. Hell even pachino is laid up on his blanket half sleep. :(

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Operation Solid Food

This is like day 3 of trying to introduce solids to Mel. Ive been doing the oatmeal cereal mixed with formula for breakfast every morning and so far so good. Even though my child is more on the impatient side and wants his food RIGHT NOW, were making progress. Ive learned that if i start him on the bottle and then slide some cereal in while his mouth is open and give him the bottle again that hell eat the cereal. Ive tried starting off on the cereal so he can get an idea of whats going on. He understands that were eating two things now but once that bottle is in sight its over. Thats what he wants and he wants it now! But overall were doing good on this experience. Yesterday he ate the whole tablespoon of oatmeal!! now if i can just do more spoon food and less bottle in between well be making bigger steps. Whoo!! im glad this is going well. And the oatmeal has more fiber in it so hes pooping more! WHOO!!! lol 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I used to care..

I was grocery shopping with my lovely little boy, and about half way thru our trip Lil Mel decided that he was done shopping and screamed his ass off. I mean it was the hysterical, turning red, holding his breath. at one point and time i would seriously worry about that. Now...well..i dont care. lol one of the employees decided to share her story about her first time her baby started crying in the grocery store. we sat there and cracked up. I think that is like a mommy initiation that god puts us thru and giggles watching how we handle it..

in other news.. biggest loser starts tonight. i love this show! at one point and time i would be able to watch it from the beginging but those days are over. i made the mistake of napping with tink til about oohh 6p. Yeah..i know better now. so needless to say he was up for a while. so i missed the first hour of it. but its all good because Sons of Anarchy is on tonight too, and that is one show i can NOT miss. -i feel like i watch alot of tv, but thats how me and babe relax at night..hmm *sorry that was a random thought. 

I recieved this email about helping your baby sleep. Im going to start doing some of the things that they suggest and see if it helps. if any body else has or will be doing it let me know how it goes. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

The hardest question of my life at the moment.

In the process of filling out questions for this job that im applying to, i was asked a question that has some how rocked me to my core. In 5 years what do I want to be doing? as i sit here and try to figure that out, all i come up with is a blank. which in turn makes my eyes water. I mean i feel like such a failure at life when i stop and think about all that ive done, well haven't done rather. Ive completed cosmetology school and dont have my license in my current state. When i was given the run around with the state board, i kinda just gave up. Ive completed 3/4 of my LPN school and quit when i had to retake a class and got pregnant. I mean like really wtf am i doing with my life? What direction do i want to take because i cant be a stay at home mom forever. Hell when Lil Mel goes to school what am i going to do then? Damn i really do feel like im just a wandering soul. Hmm...

WTH is really going on?

So i thought my little one who is four months, was teething last week. He was extra fussy, drooling everywhere, trying to eat his entire hand and was running a fever. And it seems like this week everything is back to normal. I'm so confused. lol I know that this is a learning process that is more trial and error than anything else but sheesh. Last week i thought i was living in hell, Lil Mel was fussy and giving me the blues, me and big Mel were having it out, and adding sleep deprivation on top of it really made it bad for business. But this week, we seem to be back to normal. (praise God and knocking on wood)

Speaking of sleep deprivation, is anyone or has anyone experience this 4 month old sleep regression? at one point and time, my son was sleeping thru the night, sometimes for 12 hours at a time. And now it seems he'll sleep for 8 or 9 hours and wake up. My Dr told me that since he has shown me that he can sleep thru the night, to skip the feeding and just soothe him back to sleep. That worked the first night, but every night since then Ive gotten the "I know your going to feed me" look. So needless to say Ive been sleep walking around my house sometime between 2 and 4 in the morning fixing bottles and waking into walls. Mel asked me why i was wandering thru the house this morning, like it was something i chose to do. Um no sir I'm getting a bottle ready. :) All i know it that I'm ready to be back on progression and not regression. I like my night sleep uninterrupted. (selfish i know)

I have a reality tv addiction.

Hi, my name is Tae and i have a reality tv addiction. lol When i saw that La La was having a show about her wedding i was all about it. I love to see other peoples weddings and since this one was a big budget one i was crunk. lol The only thing that made me kinda mad was that it was only a half hour. Oh well. Did anyone else watch it?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

COWBOYS til the day I die!!

Ok so this isnt the most updated picture, but you get the idea. Yeah its a throwback jersey that is kinda wittle,  but this right here is DEDICATION! lol Go Cowboys, boo Packers!

Welcome to this crazy life of mine.

Welcome to this crazy ass life of mine. I was on earlier and seen some moms who had their own blog and i thought.. "hmmm maybe i should do one also, sorta as an outlet and just to do it." Why not? So since this is my world, just understand that im not all serious about little things like the capslock or my grammar. I do what it do! lol 
Let me introduce myself and my clan, I'm Tae, im a first time mother to a wonderful little boy who was born on my mothers birthday. His name is Romell Jr and he is my heart.I married my best friend Romell Sr. 2 years ago, and wouldnt change a thing. I also have one of the laziest dogs in the world. lol Gotta love that Pachino.

Well thats all for this one. Thanks for reading. i hope you enjoy.