Monday, June 29, 2015

Running Breaks = No Bueno

This past week I was off for the entire week and it was lovely. No work to do, only one head and a little bit of house work, it was great. The only thing bad about that lovely mini vacation was that some how I did not run once. Can you imagine? I had days to myself, morning were a breeze and I did not run once. Sad and pitiful I tell ya, sad and pitiful. Taking that unplanned break was a horrible thing to do.

I got a little taste of running Saturday when Jr and I participated in the 5K put on by my employer and it was then that I realized I hadn't ran all week and I was missing the feeling it gave me. Jr and I ran probably about 4 good city blocks before he decided that he could do no more. I was jonesing to just go and run that 5K after he and I stopped running. I saw a few people that I know run past me as all those who were there to really run the 5K were passing all of us on the walking side. It was damn near torture. Then it was like I had never been to a 5K before, Jr is in jean shorts, I'm in jean capris and were among anything and everything spandex and legging related. I don't really know why we didn't wear the correct clothing, I guess it was because I wasn't running so the appropriate attire wasn't necessary. Hell I dont know, what I do know is, that type of break will not happen again to cloud my running judgement - Allah willing.   

Sr and I were discussing earlier about how many times it would take to complete a mile when going around the playground across the street from our house, even placed a little wager to see who would be closest. I decided that I would run it while he and Jr played soccer and win this bet (which we never set a prize for.) I was doing great for the first .3 miles, then I caught a cramp in my side. When I started feeling myself slow down due to the cramp, I decided to go ahead and put my running music on. Which by the way, house music to me is the best thing to run to, just saying. Any way so after I got my music going, I picked it up a bit, but let me tell you, running in the evening when its hot is something I am not used to. I like those cool 5am runs, where the bugs are still sleeping, the roosters are saying good morning and its still something like dark out. 7pm runs are not for me, especially when running in a circle. I felt like a damn hamster running in a wheel, nu uh, that running scene is not for me.  Like I told Sr, when running in the neighborhood, you know you have to keep going, either you keep moving forward and keep going or you turn around, either way there is no easy exit. So why not keep moving forward and keep pushing yourself? When running on this makeshift track at this playground, its easy to just say forget it and cut through the play yard and walk on home and be done. To easy, not enough to keep me going. So anyway back to this distance wager, after running/ briskly walking the track about 11 times, I went to go see how far I have gone and you will never guess how far I went......   ..... 0.3 miles. I apparently hit the pause button when trying to pull up my music. You talk about a run/walk done in vain. I was so mad and schwetty by that time, I figured it was time to be done for the night. So I guess we shall see how far it is tomorrow when I try it again. Only this time I will be more prepared. My music will be on first, my gps will be on to track it all and most importantly I will run more than I will walk. I will be prepared to run and act like I know what I'm doing this time, I will actually be out in the neighborhood tomorrow at 5:15ish to get my morning meditation on. Tomorrow will be a better day, who knows I may be in for a good treat and run twice tomorrow, if my knees will allow it.  

Do any of you run? What type of environment do you prefer to run in? What is your favorite running shoe?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Yesterday I wrote about the recent events in my life, sharing what is happening in my own little bubble in this world. As if everything is great and wonderful and it is all glitter and unicorns. In my bubble, its definitely not that glitter and unicorns, but it works for me and I am happy. Outside of my bubble, this world is chaos. In this city in the month of June,  I know for a fact that there have been at least 10 shootings with about 75% of them moving on to their next life time.  Hell, one of Louisville's own hip hop artist was gunned down outside of a local club. And were 18 days in to the month. This past weekend Louisville has made it to the list of murderous police and their excessive force being used. A refugee has been shot and killed by a police officer after being hit with a flag pole - that broke over his head (clearly non life threatening.) 

There has been so much going on in this country here lately with the police and their justification of the use of excessive force and deadly force. A couple of weeks ago, there was a police officer who was on a power trip slamming a teenage female to the ground. She was in a bathing suit, so clearly she was not armed or dangerous and if this police officer considered her life threatening with a towel, well he needs to be a security guard at a dog hotel. Seriously. Last night there was a man who went to a church in Charleston and killed  9 people. NINE. He got away, he didn't get captured until earlier today. And he was captured with no injuries. Why? How long will it take for the defense to yell mental illness? How long will it take for him to be convicted and just sit in jail like everything is OK? I'm sorry, but I'm FED UP. I am sick and tired of the police (both melanated and non) using unnecessary force when it comes to melanated people.  Why do i say melanated police, have we forgot Eric Garner? Yeah those police were melanated too. Do you think that the police are here for our protection and to serve US? Nah playa. The police started off at night watchers and slave catchers, can you see why they have the mentality that they do? Hell the police commissioner of NY even stated "Many of the worst parts of black history would have been impossible without police, too...Slavery, our country’s original sin, sat on a foundation codified by laws enforced by police, by slave-catchers." I know there are good cops out there, but here as of lately its hard to believe that they exist or that they even care. Shit they are probably scared themselves to stand up and try to change the image that they now have. 

One thing regarding the shooting that took place in Charleston that irked me was the fact that the president is trying to make this about gun control. Sir the fact that this is being classified as a hate crime, lets you know that its more than just gun control. As a melanated woman, knowing that that i have a son to raise in this country, it is very disheartening knowing that the person who  "runs" the country is more concerned about controlling the weapons than he is addressing the issues of  HIS people. 1st black president.. It was all a dream- in my biggie voice. He has to play the political game I guess, but certainly he cant be as blind as he seems. Does he not know that melanated people are FED UP and its only getting worse? We are tired of losing our own at the hands that we pay for via taxes. We are tired of losing our own to people who have it in their head to assassinate us and get to play the mental illness card every time. WE ARE FED UP. A change is needed and it is coming. 

#NoJustice #NoPeace 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Shes been at is again... Or not.

Yes, yes, I know.  I have fallen off the blogging wagon again.  *sigh* It happens to the best of us. 

You know what Ives been doing since last time? RUNNING! I am a runner and I love it. I have been running since last month and I can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I cracked myself up this past weekend when we were in Wisconsin, picture it: I have an uncle who runs, even when he travels. So this past weekend when we were in Wisconsin, I made sure that I took advantage of the scenery and went for a run, 2 miles in  26 minutes. Here at home, I've been running around the neighborhood, almost 2 miles two times during the week, maybe a little further on the weekends- depending on how busy I've been. So that's that. #iLoveRunning Now to find some running shoes that wont break the bank. Care to donate? lol  

What else have I been doing? Oh! I have made a raised garden bed and have some tasty treats growing! I was in DIY mode and made a raised garden bed from a few pallets. From there I planted tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, onions, squash, jalepenos, red peppers, kale, sage, carrots and a few garlic cloves. Now when I planned everything out, the onions and garlic were not a part of the plan. Adding those two kind of made the place a little crowded since I didnt take into account how large plants have to grow in order to produce fruits. Soo now my lettuce and spinach are suffering since the squash are trying to take over that area. One thing that the squash have not deebo'd is my carrots.  I screamed and jumped for joy the other day when I saw those carrot tops! My tomatoes are finally flowering as well, so those oh so lovely fried green tomatoes will be harvested soon. I am pumped.   

Last fall, Sr and I decided to put one of our pumpkins in the tire that we have out in front of our house just to see what would be the result. Well take a look at this! We have something like a small pumpkin patch! Whoop Whoop!