Friday, May 27, 2011

who woulda thought?

who woulda thought that packing for a family vacation would require so much? sheesh, i remember packin used to be nothin, now i have to put everything on a list for fear of forgetting something. the last time i had to pack for me and the baby we went to my moms house and he was all of 3 months. that was an easy trip. now...shheeettt i have to pack toys (to keep him occupied on the road), a booster seat, medicine, shoes...and the list goes on. lol but its all good, ill take having to do all this packing if it means we get to take our first real family vacation, and were going to see my granny and all my other family. i cant wait for tuesday to get here. (thats when we leave.) but what makes it so bad is that i dont have to work monday because its memorial day but i have to go to work that following day, work those 8 hours and then leave for vacation. those are going to be the longest 8 hours of my life. lol oh well. well im bout to fold some laundry and find something to watch. duces                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Saturday, May 7, 2011

its official... i hate derby

after having to work the schedule that i just worked this week of derby, i can officially say i hate it. this week i had to clock at least 70 hours in 6 days.. although the check is going to be fat as hell, but goodness i am tired.. ive had to do 13 hour days thursday, friday, and saturday. and every night but tonight (saturday) some how this little boy has managed to stay awake long enough to see me when i get home. i guess he just had to lay eyes on me before he could go to sleep. lol hes so cute.. oh well. im bout to finish this lovely drink and go to bed, i am whooped!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Best 1st Birthday Party Weekend EVER!!

I am so glad that this weekend is over. granted i still have my familia in town, but the major stress of the party is over. It turned out to be a really nice party, we had a nice little turn out and my baby had a good time. His auntie gave him a corvette hotwheel, he got some trucks and of course clothes. Its been great having my cousin and friends here. Everytime they come in town we have a ball. We went bowling after the party and still had a ball. I know one thing, im greatful that this weekend is coming to an end. Now to get ready to put in 70 hours in 6 days at work