Tuesday, September 10, 2013


When it comes to war, I try not to pay it to much mind. Yes that is an ignorant thing to do, as it is important to be aware of whats going on even if it doesnt effect you directly. The thought of war was always something that I never knew much of, being ive never been and everyone I know who is or was military was never combat. Im reading this book called The Things They Carried, and at first it started off slow and I wasnt too sure about it, but I decided to keep on reading and give it a chance. This book is one based on events that took place in Vietnam.  Now when I think of the war in viet-f***ing-nam I think of Forest Gump, obviously. This war is something i know nothing about, why we went there, what we were fighting for, nothing. What I do know is that my grandfather was there twice. I know he was in the army, but what he did I dont know. Reading this book makes me wonder what he saw, did, felt and thought while he was there. Im only about 105 pages in and the things im reading, im just in amazement and awe. There's a part in there where the author mentions of one of the guys in his platoon, and how he was playing catch one minute and the next blown into the tree because he stepped on a land mine. They were then ordered to peel the remains out of the tree. The other guy who was playing catch was the victims best friend. Later as they were humpin (moving around)they found this water buffalo, so they tied it up and took it with them. The victims best friend started taking his anger out on the animal by shooting at it. And I dont mean one shot take em out, I mean shooting its leg, the meaty part of its hind leg, its mouth completely off its face, and the whole time this animal is alive, not making a sound.  Now I dont know if this is a true story or not, but either way, it is a story that will stick with me forever. My view is, how awful that is for the animal and cruel, where as someone that is or was military would be able to relate because they know the feeling of the victims best friend. There's another part where one of the soldiers girlfriend somehow made it to Vietnam and was kickin it at the medic site with them, she started helping out alot more and then decided she was going on missions with the green berets that were at the same site. One night the boyfriend finds her in what appears to be a seance type atmosphere with a necklace of human tongues tied together. Imagine if this was something that really happened.  Like omg. This is nothing that the media feeds us when telling about the wars. Its almost as if... well it is what they want us to know to make us think that everything is ok and secure, when really our people are over seas all kinds if fucked up. I know opium was a big drug during Vietnam and some of if not all of could be a result of an opium trip, but still. I could only imagine. I wonder if my grandfather were still alive today would he tell stories of what he saw, did and felt, or would it be something he would take to the grave. Reading this definitely give me a new perspective on wars and the things soldiers see over there, and im not even done reading it yet. So to any and everyone that is currently or has previously served in our military,  thank you. For all you have sacrificed, seen, done and felt. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Family first was the motto this weekend. My cousin and his wonderful girlfriend came to visit us from DC this weekend. This was exactly the kind of weekEnd i needed after a week of hell. 
My cousin GJ is the oldest boy, runner up to me as the oldest. To me its dope that we are able to kick it as adults. I remember in the summers when him and his siblings would come to visit, we would play cousins club. We'd play school, be outside, just doing whatever, but whatever it was we were doing, it was cousins club. 
This weekend we didnt do anything too extravagent. We went and walked the new pedestrian bridge here in the ville. That turned out to be an arugement with Jr. He seemed to think that he needed to be mackin on GJs girlfriend, trying to make the walk on the bridge their first date. We had to let them walk way ahead so he would leave them alone. Lol Jr just knew he had a new girlfriend this weekend. I tried to warn GJ.

We also went and played pool. Im no pool shark, hell I cant break to save the life of me. Sr and GJ played against each other while Yaya and I played. I think the guys played a total of 6 games, while we played a whopping 2 games. Lol clearly we were the beginners table. Then we came home and Team 2llz had to give them the business in some spades. Overall, i had a great weekend. Its always nice when your family comes in town for a few days. 
On another note, Jrs daycare closed this past friday.. im lightweight distraught. Keep in mind ive been spoiled with this same facility since Jr was a baby.. we've been here for the past 3 years, i know the teachers and the other kids. Ive been spoiled.. But just like everything in life, it must come to an end. I think im the one who has been more emotional about the whole situation. Sr is like "ok bye yall, thanks." Jr was like it was just another friday. Im crying while im hugging teachers bye. Judge me if you want, these women have made a difference in my families life. I will forever love the staff at All My Children. So here's to a new season.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Ever heard the saying "when it rains, it pours?" I have been fortunate enough to miss the major storm for some time now, but it seems that this one I just couldnt avoid.

It started drizzling when I got another ear infection. Fine I still have medicine from the last one that hasnt expired, so ill self medicate. The rain started coming down when I get the call saying "Babe, I just got hit, im down the street from the house. The truck is totalled."  Now, well now its storming. I was told on the way home, "I think the air is broken, its 82 degrees inside the house and its making some noise." Please keep in mind that as im writing this at 9:32pm, its 83 degrees outside now. And its projected to be 99 or 100 degrees tomorrow.  can you see my storm yet? On top of that, im stressed with the insurance company and what thay outcome is going to be. Well let me rephrase that, im not stressed, but all of the above is something constantly running through my head. I guess right now, some kind of way is the only way to describe how im feeling right now. Idk. If you're reading this, send me some good energy, send me strength,  prayers or whatever it is you do. Its appreciated.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Words really cant express the feeling of gratitude I have right now for my husband. Like our house is in a very calm state now compared to how we would reacted and stressed to this situation in our past. Everytime I think about it or look at picutres I just have to say thank you. Im not trying to be overly dramatic in this situation, but I could sit here and cry tears of joy and thankfulness for my husband. I honestly dont know what I would ever do if I lost him. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Counting our blessings

All thanks be to Allah that sr was able to walk away from this. Rest in peace to my truck, its been real lady.

I dont know if the dude wasnt paying attention or what. But he T boned the hell out out of sr today. You see the pics and the damages. Sr said when dude hit him, he spun and hit a pole, thankfully he had on his seatbelt and no-one else was with him. when I got to the car and was able to survey everything, there was glass everwhere, jr car seat was over turned and the cupholder on it broke off, the middle consoles lid wont close because everything had been smashed up and thats just the minor stuff. It was fluids leaking from where dude hit him and everything.  Dudes truck was pretty smashed up too, but no where near as bad as ours. The police officer said the truck is totalled.

Now that we are home from the hospital and settled down, I am just so grateful that my baby was able to walk away with just soreness. When im looking at this truck my eyes just fill up with tears of gratefulness. This could have been so much worse. All praises to Allah foreal. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ahh welcome to my world

My new world consists of being a mommy, the wife of a musician and now a dog trainer. We decided to take this wonderful, floppy eared german shepherd named Bella. The idea of getting her was to satisfy my need for a new dog,  get some energy back in my old man pachino,  and give jr someone to run,  play and grow up with.  Little did I in know this broad is crazy and stubborn as she wants to be. Ive had 3 pitbulls, and none of them were this stubborn. It seems the last puppy we took, (our grandpuppy) was a ginormous boy named zues, who was goofy as hell and got away with murder, has come back into our lives as my son. Jr is goofy as all get out, thinks he can get away with anything and is something like a small giant. Sr seems to think that this little crazy girl Bella is going to be a sign of what a new addition may be to our family. Lord help me if it is.

This summer has been a very fun filled and busy summer. Weve taken trips to both grandparents houses, gone to amusement parks, rollerskating and swimming pools.
I was nervous about taking jr to the pool and swimming but turns out i have a bubble guppie on my hands.
We recently went to the state fair and jr was able to see some animals and ride some rides. I love taking him to the fairs because i came from the country, and i want him to be a well rounded individual, and not some city slicker like his pappy.
Well heres to the start of a new school year. even though Romell is still in daycare, He will be starting prek in his new school next month.  

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Couch That Brought Us Together 

Who would have thought that one piece of furniture could make such a difference? We had gotten rid of our couch on a whim one night, without having a replacement, leaving our living room kind of naked. Needless to say a fold out chair and a rocking chair are hardly comfortable items to snuggle on, so there wasn't a lot of snuggling going on in the living room for a while. Now that we've gotten this couch, it seems like the reclining chair is lonely and the fold up chairs are collecting dust. Ah how i've missed a good snuggle, or nap on a comfy couch. Here's to you couch for putting the snuggle back in the living room.  

I think the spirit of my grandmother has been moving in me here lately. I recently aquired one of her sewing machines on my trip back to my mothers house and ever since then i have been trying to sew every chance i get. Sew far (lol) ive completed two projects with a 3rd to be finished here soon. I think i have found a new hobby next to reading. Check out my stuff! whaddya think? The lepoard print skirt and grey dress are my completed items. 
IMG_20130707_213815.jpg                     Dress

This red one is still in process..

normally i don't do the bathroom selfies, but i just had to get one in the fit today, the shirt i didnt make, but overall i think it came together nicely.. :)

any way, i will be back here sooner rather than later promise.. now go check out my other blog! thats where im headed next. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I've been called a slacker before many moons ago, but today it seems to be true again. I know i haven't been on this like I should. It just seems like life will keep you busy sometimes. Between raising this wonderful son of mine and watching my husbands music career grow, I've been one busy chic.
> i wonder if the amazement will every wear off that this is my son.
> He's getting so big so fast. He's still only two and it seems like he had been around forever. He's talking more, and learning to write his name, and holding like serious conversations. It just cracks me up the things he says some times. Like one morning he told Pachino "hey buddy morning." For Pachino to be such an old man (hell be 9 this year) he loves this child, he doesn't do much with him but he knows that's his brother.
> I signed jr up for the free build and grow clinics at Lowes this past weekend, and his buddy did too.  So this turned into a daddy bonding time. They had fun building the monster trucks and playing in Lowes. He was so cute in his little apron.
> Its nights like tonight that i enjoy the most. Its a laid back night chilling in the bed. Sr had a show tonight, and usually on those days we do everything early and chill out in the bed. Right now were watching despicable me and sipping some tea. Lol i rhymed.
> Uh well good people I'll give ya more later, I'm ready to snuggle up with my mini.
P.s I'm doing this from my phone, so the layout is probably crazy. I apologize

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

i keep putting my foot in it...

if youve never heard the statement that of you put your foot in it (it being the meal) it means that you just cooked your ass off. And apparently thats what ive been doing here lately. the last three meals i have made have been sooooo good. i made black bean and potato enchiladas, mushroom stroganoff and tonight chili. We have been meat free for almost two weeks now, and i feel so much better when i eat. apparently sr is enjoying everything that ive made as well since he asked me to marry him again. i guess when they said the way to a mans heart is through his stomach they werent lying. lol ive been meaning to take pictures of the food as it gets done, but im so excited to get babes reaction to the food ive been forgetting. now if only i can get my child to start eating some it ill be happy. its not that jr doesnt want to eat vegetarian/vegan, he just doesnt want to try anything different when hes with me. And thats what i dont get. He eats at school, and when he goes to his sitters house or anywhere else im not. im almost wondering if i pack a lunch and send it with him if he would eat that. hmmm that may be worth a try. anyway i just wanted to rant and rave about my good food here lately. if you want the recipes that ive used here they are:

the portobello mushroom stroganoff.. i used egg noodles for the first serving and ended up getting some brown rice for the second serving. i liked the rice with it better

the black bean and potato enchiladas.. better than any restaurant

the vegan chili

if you try any of these let me know what you think. you can always follow me on  pintrest too.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Ever feel like you’ve had that “aha” moment? Last night when I was cooking dinner, it just seemed like a light went on and everything suddenly became more clear. Sr was helping around the kitchen last night, and we were just talking away. I told him that everything just seems so different now, and it seems like its little things too. Take for instance, im enjoying cooking my food more. I don’t know if it was because I was doing more prepping, just cooking more fresh food or how colorful the food seems to be now, but I was really enjoying making dinner last night. Sr said things seem to be better because we don’t have so much processed food in our system, which is true. We haven’t had meat really since last Thursday maybe? So it seems like were lighter, and full of a different fuel. With drinking the detox tea, eating better and just having a different thought process it just seemed like life is finally becoming what it should be. I finally feel like I am where Im supposed to be in life and im surrounded by the people I need to be around. When I say I feel like im on a different level right now, I truly mean it.  I feel almost like im hovering above my physical self watching me in action. I was also talking with sr last night just reflecting over the past 8 years of our life together, and I was telling him how grateful I am for him. Weve  been through a lot of ups and downs, happy, sad and frustrating moments, and here we still stand, strong, happy and together. I hope that we can set an example of what real love is like for all of those wishing to have the same ,with understanding that its not all roses all the time. Ok so enough with all the mushy, deep stuff. Lol on to what I made last night!!!
                                Last night I made some tofu tacos!!! This was my first time using or making tofu. And I must say it came out so  good.  i had tofu when we went to the mongolian grill last week and it tasted like straight up cardboard, needless to say i was kinda skeptical about using tofu. But using this recipe it came out pretty good, the only thing i changed was i doubled the chili and cumin. other than that, last nights dinner was FIRE.
i ended up adding some refried beans to the equation since i had some pinto beans left over, and topped the actual tostadas with lettuce, tomatoes, avacado and taco cheese. Needless to say i am totally enjoying this new venture. 

i hope yall enjoy reading this since i do enjoy writing. and Jordan if youre reading, i love my little unmedicated world you should too. <3

bless yall

Monday, January 14, 2013

New to me...

This is a new year, and with the new year, normally brings resolutions, goals and blah blah blah.. well for me it brings a new way of thinking, new way of eating and a new way of acting.  Take for instance, i wrote last year about how i am having to unlearn alot of what i know, to realize things for what they are. With that new way of thinking, brings a new way of acting. I cant continue to react the way i used to when i was in my lower self, because that wasnt making things better only the same and sometimes worse. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?? Well that  was a the stage i was stuck in and obviously it  wasnt getting me any where. so in the process of becoming a better person and being in my higher self, my way of acting is something that needs to change as well. I like the results that im getting with my changes and growth. I may have a few slip ups to where i fall into my lower self, but thats part of growing right? 
Recently Sr and I have decided to cut alot if not all of the processed meat out of our diet. We went grocery shopping yesterday and got a whole lot of food minus the meat!!! Last night i made tofurkey wraps and cranoat cookies. i was turned onto them when we went to a vegan friends house. i can honestly say that the tofurkey in spinach wraps are one of the best and easiest things ive ever ate/made. I also made some cranoat cookies last night, that came from a vegan recipe. the werent "vegan" so to speak, since i had margarine already in the house but they still came out just as good. scratch that those cookies were good as hell. lol tonight i made a nice salad for sr and  had a wrap with lettuce, onion, green peppers, cream cheese and italian dressing. sounds weird but i ate that 3 hours ago and im still full. I think im going to like being a vegetarian. 
Heres to the new new.

oh ps.. go check out my other blog.. The wife of a musician

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year Good People

happy new year good people. i hope your new year has been all that you have made it so far. this was the first year in about 5 that we have not thrown a nye party, and you know what? it was a nice change to bring in the new year with. i think the  season with alot of those people who used to come has changed. and by change i dont mean that in a bad way, but the last party that i remember having the most fun at was at least 3 years ago. i love everyone that ive ever brought the new year in with, but im just in a different place in my life. this year i brought it in with people that i know i am supposed to be around for this period of my journey. im excited for 2013 and everything it brings. 

so im sitting in the bed typing this trying to get this child of mine to sleep, and i had to stop for a minute because my child just wanted to talk with me. he told me who all of his class mates are, what he had for lunch, what he does with his friend Quin in class and everything. like omg i just had a serious conversation with my two year old. lol hes getting so big, like when i look at him it 
makes my eyes water that he is so big now. like i miss my wittle baby. can you tell hes my only? as im typing this now, he was laying on my arm and told me to be
still.  lol what? who are you? smh. it just blows his mind to see how much hes grown. heres proof of my small 

beast i have. thats more than half my foot by the way. care to make donations to his show fund?