Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 1 down!

Today was my official first day of work, and I can say that I
digging this new job. I woke up exxtra early this morning like 545ish so I could get in the shower,eat get jr up, feed him and get us both dressed. Well even after doing all of that and driving to my grandma house I still had an hour to burn before I was to clock in. When I dropped jr off, he didn't cry or scream or anything (thank god) then again I didn't really give him the chance to, because I knew that if he started bawling while I was there I'd be boo hooing all the way to work lookin like a damn mess. But mama t said he did fine today and so did I. Work is easy breezy, and the atmosphere is cool. I actually enjoyed being there today. But what made it better was when I went to pick up jr and he gave me thee biggest smile ever. That was when I knew everything was going to be alright. But I've definatly learned my lesson. Waking up at 545am is a biggggg no no. I'm bout to crash now. Lol

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