Monday, November 29, 2010

perfect time of year for some firsts..

To me this is the best time of year. Its a time when family get together, the seasons change and we start to get snow, Christmas lights go up on peoples houses (including ours) :) This is the first year that we have put lights up on our house, i think they came out great. I think im most excited about the lights and our tree. lol I cant help it christmas lights make my soul smile. 
When jr saw our tree for the first time, he was like wtf is this? looked at it and went on about his business. lol The first time he saw it was during day light so i didnt expect him to be too excited about it, but when he saw it at night his eyes got big! it was too cute. i wish our lights blinked so that they could be more entertaining, but it is what it is and he still enjoys it. 
The most important first that weve had here recently is Jr holding his bottle now!! i still have to prop his hands up on it, but after that we are good to go! I cant believe how big he has gotten. he had a great thanksgiving hanging out with his granny and other family members. From what im told he ate very good that day (i was at work.) His first holidays are going great, i just cant wait until he understands it foreal! 

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