Thursday, September 22, 2011

a moment of silence

Today is a sad day for both the nation and two families. Last night Troy Davis was put to death from a casethat happened in 1989. His case lacked solid evidence and sometime between then and now witnesses have recanted their testimonies, yet this man was still put to death for something that in more ways than one says he didnt do it. This truly breaks my heart that this man was on death row 4 different times and ultimately had his life taken from him. I dont know who gave our government the ok to play god and decide when to end a mans life.

as i was watching the coverage on Mr Davis i read an article on yahoo that two officers in california were charged with beating a schizophrenic homeless man to death when there were at least 7 of them put on paid leave as they did an investigation. And as read the article it said they tazed this  man and cut his oxygen supply off my applying too much pressure on his thorax. Now if any of my readers know anything about me, they know that is exactly what happened to my brother only he wasnt tazed, he was shot with the pepperball gun 16 times before his oxygen was cut off to his brain ultimately leaving him mentally retarded and unable to speak, walk or live his life with out any type of assistance. 

between reading about the homeless man and the surpreme court denying Troy Davis his life, my heart is hurting. Our country is wrong in so many ways. This country is not the land of the free and home of the brave to everyone that lives in it. A woman kills her daughter and walks away scott free, when clearly there was evidence against her and yet a man is put to death for something they couldnt prove he did. Where is the justice? i guess the "just-us" was served to those who matter. 

R.I.P Troy Davis-- even though i did not know you personally, you will forever be a memory of mine.
prayers go the davis family. 


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

my lovely lady locs

ive been so bust trying to keep an update on my wild child that i havent even thought about talking about my lovely loc journey.. it will be 6 months the 16 of september that i have had my hair twisted up to loc up. my hair is really coming along and is starting to loc up more around the roots.. you can still tell that my hair is two strand twisted but you can also tell im making a transition into locs. i am so glad that ive decided to loc my hair up..

Monday, August 22, 2011

yet another month goes by..

mommys hair cut
i know, ive become terrible when it comes to blogging and keeping things up. Ive just been a busy mom here the past month. where do i start? hmmm.. Jr got his first hair cut, and of course it was by his mommy :) Those curls were just getting out of control, and i just decided to take some shears to cut them down, it was cute but you could tell that it was a home made haircut. lol so about a week later his daddy gave him a real haircut and he just looked so handsome. even if he does have a serious cowlick on the front of his head. lol
daddys hair cut

Weve been to a birthday party here recently at chuck e cheese, and he was not a fan of the moving rides. even when he was riding with his little cousin

This past weekend we went to the state fair and this was the first time that Jr has ever seen any type of animal other than a regular type animal. He got real excited when he saw the cows, chickens, rabbits, goats and pigs. He was laughing and screaming and everything. We had a really good time, and apparently so did he since he was knocked out on the way home.

looking at the cow
first time seeing sheep

looking at the duckies

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

time to play catch up...

damn ive been slacking.. its been almost a month since ive blogged.. my bad... there's so much to catch up on. First we went to the Kalahari resort in wisconsin for my Sr family reunion and we had a ball. the resort was so nice, they had an indoor and outdoor water park, and an indoor theme park. we all had a good time. they had rides for the little kids, the big kids and all kinds of extra stuff. lil mel got in the pool for the first time. he wasnt a fan of the slides where water went in his face, but he was all about the lazy river.. they also had smaller rides in the indoor theme park and he was loving most of em.. he didnt like the merry go round or the mini pirates ship, but he was loving the swing.

When we got back from the family reunion, he started a real day care and on his second day he came home with war wounds.. this little girl there scratched his face around his eye. surprisingly im not the crazy parent  that does all the cussing and actin crazy.. mel doesnt act out but he sure does get mad when it comes to his baby. lol its actually kinda funny. i didnt trip like he thought i should have, i mean after all they are kids, and  its not the facilities fault that the girls nails werent clipped.. now if it happens again then we will have some problems. when they told me that he did some pictures you woulda thought they said he just redid a picasso or something.. lol ive never been so proud of scribbles in my entire life. :)
Today while we were home waiting for daddy to get home, i decided that it was time to cut his hair..ive already been talking about it, but i guess i just got impatient and decided to do it myself. i took the shears to his head and got him together. one of my friends said its uneven, its not, i just laid his hair down for the first time. he still has a head full of curls, its just about training his hair now. hes so cute with his hair cut. i just love it. and the fact that i cut it makes it just that much  better. 
thats all ive got for now, gotta get my house ready for tomorrow. peace.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

ready set go!

just when we finally get settled back into our routine, its about to get messed up again. were about to go to another family reunion! only this one is going to be at a water park this time!! i know both mel and i are excited, but i dont think jr has any idea whats about to happen. lol i took him to the waterpark at the waterfront yesterday for a friends sons bday and he wasnt a fan of the water too much. lol
i hope the water is warmer where were going so that he can actually have some fun. but once we got out of the water he had fun playing on the playground and flirting with the little girls in their swim suits.. i know im gonna have a problem on my hands when he gets older because hes already trying to flirt with the girls, young and old alike.. 
hangin out with his aunt shauna

this is my favoirte.. he walked thru the tunnel with his mouth open the whole way.

i love our sundays, they are the chill and relax days.. <3

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What a week!

 FINALLY!!! we took our vacation. we went to colorado for a suprise family reunion/ 80th birthday party for my granny.. it all worked out really well, and she was so overwhelmed. it was amazing. my whole family has never been together in one spot like that at one time. it was crazy because all of the grandkids are all grown. hell i havent seen some of my cousins for 12-13 years and now we are all grown?!?! it was a trip. i think this weekend was second best to my wedding. ive met cousins that ive never met before, everyone got to meet the only great grand child. it was amazing. i called my granny today 3 days later and she is still so excited and smiley and overwhelmed. im glad we all did this for her..

so overwhelmed and surprised
my hearts

granny sammich

my family 

my grandmother and all her kids

Friday, May 27, 2011

who woulda thought?

who woulda thought that packing for a family vacation would require so much? sheesh, i remember packin used to be nothin, now i have to put everything on a list for fear of forgetting something. the last time i had to pack for me and the baby we went to my moms house and he was all of 3 months. that was an easy trip. now...shheeettt i have to pack toys (to keep him occupied on the road), a booster seat, medicine, shoes...and the list goes on. lol but its all good, ill take having to do all this packing if it means we get to take our first real family vacation, and were going to see my granny and all my other family. i cant wait for tuesday to get here. (thats when we leave.) but what makes it so bad is that i dont have to work monday because its memorial day but i have to go to work that following day, work those 8 hours and then leave for vacation. those are going to be the longest 8 hours of my life. lol oh well. well im bout to fold some laundry and find something to watch. duces                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Saturday, May 7, 2011

its official... i hate derby

after having to work the schedule that i just worked this week of derby, i can officially say i hate it. this week i had to clock at least 70 hours in 6 days.. although the check is going to be fat as hell, but goodness i am tired.. ive had to do 13 hour days thursday, friday, and saturday. and every night but tonight (saturday) some how this little boy has managed to stay awake long enough to see me when i get home. i guess he just had to lay eyes on me before he could go to sleep. lol hes so cute.. oh well. im bout to finish this lovely drink and go to bed, i am whooped!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Best 1st Birthday Party Weekend EVER!!

I am so glad that this weekend is over. granted i still have my familia in town, but the major stress of the party is over. It turned out to be a really nice party, we had a nice little turn out and my baby had a good time. His auntie gave him a corvette hotwheel, he got some trucks and of course clothes. Its been great having my cousin and friends here. Everytime they come in town we have a ball. We went bowling after the party and still had a ball. I know one thing, im greatful that this weekend is coming to an end. Now to get ready to put in 70 hours in 6 days at work


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

oye vey!!

this birthday party thing is getting out of hand i tell ya.. it orginally started here at our house, then moved to chuck e cheese..NOW...its back at the house.. i changed it to chuck e cheese because i thought it was going to be alot of kids here and i was trying to entertain them, well when i sent out the reminder via text about the party nobody responded to me that they were coming with any kids. so if nobody with kids is going to make it to CEC, lets just move it back home. there is no point in having an adult party at CEC. so now im just going to cook some nachos and call it a day. if anyone shows up great, if not oh well. its not like hes really going to remember it anyway, so well just hang out at the house. if alot of kids do come then well just pile up and head to the park, if not then we just kick it, play dominoes and spades and just chill. i know one thing, ill be glad when its over. lol

Saturday, April 23, 2011

one week and counting and other stuff..

so this birthday party is in one week and counting. and the plans have changed.. we are now going to chuck e cheese for this party. it will keep my house cleaner and plus the guest list keeps growing.. how im not really sure, but it went from a handfull of kids to damn near 15 now. OMG! yeah.. were going somewhere that i dont have to clean up behind rugrats foreal. so chuck e cheese it is. now lets see if we have enough money to cover all the expenses for the food and stuff. 
we went to the zoo today for the first time with Jr. the last time i was at the zoo, i was tryin to walk his ass out. lol it wasnt the best of days to go since it was a little rainy today, but since it was $2 day at the zoo, it was worth it. there were animals out, but not all of em. i didnt really get a chance to take many pictures with him and the animals because i went with a homegirl who had her two kids also. but the few that i did get to take were pretty good. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

one of thee best nights ever..

Talib Kweli came to concert here on the 18th and we just so happened to go to the concert. It was a last minute adventure that we went on. And man am i glad that we went! The concert was awesome and then he also had Hi-Tek with him. Check out the pics!!

 Special guest: Hi-Tek
 He decided to dj after he perfomed.
 Me and Hi-Tek

Sunday, April 10, 2011


a weekend of activity outside of the house. saturday we went to a friends sons birthday party. this was his second birthday party but his first one that he can really remember. he was walking around and just hanging out. we wore him thee hell out sat. and today we went to chuck e cheese. he started walking around and everything while he was there, watch out world jr is really on the move now! lol we put him in some of the rides and at first he wasnt feeling it, but then he got the hang of it. i think after he ate he was more excited to be around all of the noise and hanging out with other kids like that. even his daddy had fun. lol

here in a few weeks he will be having his first birthday party, and his god parents will be intown along with a whole bunch of folks here. truthfully, im a little anxious about this bday party. ive never had to throw a childs birthday party before. like what do i do to entertain these kids? my plan is to get a ball pitt for him and all the kids to play in, while me and the adults chill out and party. idk hopefully this party will go over smooth. ugh lets get this over with already.. lol