Thursday, December 27, 2012

the times are changing...

Ive been doing some research/studying of thing like how to become more conscious of self, raise my vibrations, and how to open up my chakras. It seems like the more you work to better yourself, the more things work against you. Ive been writing every morning the things that i am grateful for and continuing to add to the list throughout the day. i started that yesterday and i felt my energy levels rise thus raising my vibration levels. it seemed like because my energy/vibrations were  so high, everyone else around was so negative or with low vibrations. I was reading how we need to unlearn everything we know because 9 times out of 10 its a lie and how 5/6th of our brain is the subconscious. it also said that the subconscious cant tell whats real vs fake and that's why we react to movies with the emotion we do, because it cant tell the difference between the two. After reading the info that i was reading, i became more aware of the things around me and the things i was thinking. yesterday my thoughts for the day were joy, gratefulness and peace. That was something that i focused on throughout the day, along with adding to my grateful list, and i swear i was happy and as good as can be.  even babe had to ask why i was so happy. it wasn't a matter of just being happy, it was being grateful for life and what i do have. just the list and the continued thoughts alone made my day better. when i cam home and was talking with Sr and my brother about is, my brother mentioned something to me. keep in mind that my brother is a moor and studies this diligently.  he said that because of the alignment of mars and Neptune, the energy is changing and people will be more aggressive and sexual until around jan 4th. on dec 21 the world didn't end but the age of a Pisces ended and we are now going in to the aquarian age. on that day, i swear to you, i felt the energy change, and just felt it within. i don't know if it is because i am a Pisces or what, but on that day i was just restless and felt like i needed more. upon doing my reading these past two days, i feel like i am slowly coming into self. like i was telling Sr earlier today when he asked why the sudden change or desire to learn and become more conscious. i told him that what Ive always been taught isn't working the way i want or think it should, so why not unlearn that and try a different approach to this thing called life. That's what its all about right? So here's to a new journey..

p.e.a.c.e.-- positive energy/education achieves constant elevation.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

overwhelmed is the only way i can describe it.

Today of course is Christmas and  even though i really don't believe or follow this holiday or believe all the hype of it, i can honestly say that i am overwhelmed right now with all that has been provided to us this year. When our house got broken into on thanksgiving, some of my coworkers decided that they would be generous and do something like an angel tree for my son. If you're not familiar with angle tree, its something that the salvation army puts on for kids whose parents aren't able to provide as great of a Christmas as others.  I can honestly say that they went above and beyond for jr. Between the stuff that his grandparents sent and the stuff that my coworkers got, jr was overwhelmed with toys this morning. I have already told everyone at work how thankful we are for their help but i don't think they understand exactly how grateful i truly am. Every time i think about it my eyes get watery, just because i know that this year it was not going to be what most consider to be a decent Christmas. Money has been funny and there really hasn't been much for anything extra let alone some Christmas presents.  So to receive this voluntary help from others to help make my sons Christmas great was something that i call a blessing. Too often we get caught up in the holiday hype and worry ourselves about how we are going to get this and get that, instead of trying to help those that are less fortunate. This Christmas has been the most memorable one Ive had thus far, and i am going to make sure that i pay this forward. Please take a moment to be thankful for all that you DO have instead of what you DONT. If you get in the habit of finding joy in every situation, life wont seem as bad that way. If you celebrate this holiday, Merry Christmas, if you don't, have a wonderful day. Thank you for reading, be blessed.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

home sick.

I was reading the news earlier today, and they were saying that omaha was under a winter weather advisory with a possible blizzard on the way. Now call me crazy if you want to, but i want to be home right now during this blizzard. Here in the ville, we havent even had a thought about snow. Its christmas time for goodness sake.  i was born and raised between colorado and nebraska so snow during this time of year is the norm for me. Last year here in the ville, we had a little bit of snow, but nothing that was even worth remembering. Now its dec 19 and there has been nothing but rain. In the words of my son "come on man, are you serious?" i need  snow im my life. tonight i wish i were in the blizzard with a fire place, my favorite blanket my granny made me and some wine. oh omaha, i miss thee.. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

im supposed to be folding laundry but...

so as I'm sitting here watching extreme home make over and as always, Ive been overcome with emotion. Just today we received a box full of presents from my parents for Jr. And Ive just realized how blessed we truly are. We are not what people consider rich, hell were living pay check to  pay check right now. And no matter what, each and every time, Sr and i seem to make things work. not only did this box have toys in it, but it also had clothes. and i just got to thinking how blessed we have truly been since having Jr. We are just now getting to the point where we have to buy him clothes and he is two. how many people can say they have gone two years with out having to buy their child clothes? And then we have such awesome parents that find such joy in buying things to where that helps out too. With all of the bad things going on in the world, it just seems so right to take the time an be thankful for what we do have instead of worrying about all that we don't. Something else that made me tear up was the thought of one of my coworkers and the act of kindness that she has decided to show. When we came home from my mother in laws house for thanksgiving, we came home to a house that had been ransacked and robbed. They didn't take much, considering we don't have much, but it did set us back a little bit. My coworker has taken it upon herself to make Christmas for Jr special too. She has gone out and bought him clothes, shoes and toys. now how many people you know would do that for a coworker? like i just had to take this moment to express how grateful i am for each and every blessing in our life.  thank you mom and dad for sending stuff for your grandchild, thank you cassidey for your kindness for my child. thank you to anyone that has ever helped us along the way, from the bottom of my heart, i appreciate you and i love you.  And thank you to whomever is reading my blog. I appreciate you too. 


Sunday, December 16, 2012

The company you keep

Someone once told me that everyone is in your life for a season and a reason, and the seasons are definitely changing. Since moving away from home, my friend count has been limited slim to none. Here recently a whole new set of people have been brought into my life, and its just crazy to see the difference between the "old friends" and "new friends." Don't get me wrong, new friends aren't better than old friends and old friends aren't better than new ones. But the new friends are a completely different type of people. And by different i mean dope. The company that you keep should be the type of company that you can learn, grow, and build with. That company should be the type that helps you develop yourself instead of bringing negative energy all the time. The new friends are just that type of people. Take for example, we (me, Nancy and Sarah) were at a liquor store trying to get change for door for Cphr Dvn release party, we each had one item and a 20$ bill. Of course the goal is to get as many ones as possible. The first problem when making our purchases was that the clerk didn't give the correct change back. when Sarah corrected the man, to me, it seemed like he got an attitude because he was corrected and then when he did give her the correct change he threw it at her on the counter. Now to me, when i have my hand out for you to put my change in and you put it on the counter, that irritates me. But when you throw it down like he did, that was just disrespectful. Keeping in mind that this man behind the counter was of a different background, and from what i know of his people, women are not on the same level as men. So in his mind he may have thought it was OK to do that, who knows he may put all females money on the counter instead of handing it to them. Now had i been with anyone else, the conversation when walking out would have been about how disrespectful that was and so on. But instead, it was about how nice it was for him to give us the change, and how thankful they were that he did. i was thinking about that and it made me realize that i am on a different wave length than the company i was in. I also realized upon conversing with Sr, that i tend to have a negative tone about alot of things. That's something i need to work on because the energy that you put out is going to be the energy the universe gives back, and if i continue on the negative path, then things will continue to be the way that they are now. So maybe with the new company that i have, i learn more, not only from them but about myself also. Here's to a new journey. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

shameless plugs

I was recently a part of a music video for a group here in louisville that i respect to the 10th power. upon seeing that video i realized that i am linked to alot of talented people. I know multiple people in the music industry, jewlery makers, master stylist, and photographers, just to name a few. So i thought id do a shameless plug post for those that i know that are doing their thing. 

First things first: My other blog.. i am married to a musician, and on my other blog i tell you what its like to be the Wife of a musician.. check it out

Music to my ears: As mentioned before i am  the wife of a musician. That up and coming artist is Romell wit 2lls you can go to his Soundcloud page, listen to the new music, get the free downloads and just bang out. There is also another group that i am close with, and that is CPHR DVN. I recently had a cameo in their latest music video called BeautifuLiar. Please check out both the facebook page and the video. 
If you are into the dub step revolution, you need to check out the magnificent duo of ANK. I personally know the K to the ANK duo, and not only are they some dope ass DJs, but Ive heard some really bad ass songs come from them.. check out the soundcloud page and get your dub step on!!

Keeping up with the latest fashion is my girl iGinaBee. She has been one of my closest friends, and she has  been through more than most. check out her facebook page (link above) and her professional page Hook yourself up with some new accessories (some of which are customizable) read her stories and let her be an inspiration for those that are going through some trying situations.

You got the latest accessories and now you gotta have the fly do to match you need to check out my sister Faith Beverly. She is in the ATL area and the best stylist i know. You can check her website to book appointments, get prices or read the praises for her services. I will be the first to tell you that if you want your hair done right, then this is where you need to be. Go to A Touch of Faith and get it done right! Check out the commercial by Major Mindz Media featuring my sister Faith Beverly. 

Well yall, thats enough of my shameless plug post, but be sure that you check each and everyone of my peoples out. If we dont support eachother, how will we ever be great? This will not be the last of my shameless plug post. Leave a message and let me know what you think of anyone mentioned above. Or if you need to find some one, i am almost certain i can find someone for you. 


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cousin fun

This past weekend, we took a family trip to the yew dell gardens to go see the train exhibit and to explore this new place we've never been before. I heard on the news radio station that there was a train exhibit going on here, so i decided to round up the gang to go. And  by the gang, i mean team weaver, coco and Mikey. Mikey is Jr's little cousin by 4 months. When we go to the botanical gardens, we got to see the trains, Santa and walk the grounds to see what in the spring time, I'm sure is a very beautiful sight to see. The boys absolutely loved watching the trains. I knew this would be a good thing to go do, because there is at train set that is around the Christmas tree at Jr's day care and we have to stop and look at it every morning for at least 5 minutes.

 After looking at the trains, we went and saw Santa. Mikey ran straight up to Santa with no problems. Jr on the other hand was a little bit more of a struggle. After he saw Santa give Mikey a candy cane, that kinda helped coax him to go sit with Santa. This is actually the first picture i have of Jr with Santa, im glad he likes to take pictures.

 Once we got some candy from santa, we decided to just walk the grounds of the botanical gardens. I mean i did pay to get in here, so im about to get my monies worth. I am actually excited to go back during the spring to see all of the plants and flower in bloom. Good times with family, cant ask for more.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

ok im going to be better.. for real this time

ok ok ok, i know my last post i said i was going to be better about my posting.. yeah.. that was 3 months ago. lol i know im bad. but here i am again.. back at it.

so i am also starting up another blog, this one is from the prospective of a musicians wife. my husband has been doing music for as long as ive known him, and here within the past 6 months, things have really started taking off for him. Hes been making alot of good connections, and getting to asked to play more shows. His  facebook page has been getting more likes, and his soundcloud is getting more plays and even has free downloads. if you are currently reading this, i want you to go to his soundcloud play a few tracks and post a comment on here and let me know what you think. please feel free to tell a friend about both of his pages and also my new blog as well.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

continued it shall be..

ok so let me first start out by saying i am so excited for the Sons of Anarchy season, its ridiculous. The premiere started out kinda slow and then picked up with in the last 30 minutes of the hour and a half long episode. I think i may have had high standards since i was kind of disappointed with last seasons finale. But none the less, i will be tuned in every tuesday, fighting my sleep to stay awake for the whole episode. :) now that ive expressed my <3 for that outlaw club, let me continue on.

i know i have kind of strayed from posting about my lovely journey as a mother to this continually growing child of mine. This little boy is 2 yrs and 4 months, he has been moved out of the 2 year old class he was in and put into the 2 going on 3 year old class. he was just too far ahead of everyone in his previous class. This child stands to my hip bone, and is now starting to talk. and when i say talk it is the "whats this?" "I want" "look mommy" etc. it blows my mind how fast this little boy is growing. some times i just feel like i cant take it. lol this is him writing with his chalk today on the porch.

I have also realized that i am that mother that loves to have the sleep overs and other kids over my house for jr to play with. I have had a coworkers child over twice, while they went out. Jr has come to love these times just as i thought he would. Him and his friend O were having a blast, and ended up taking over my bed  

 also just as an update, i have cut my lovely lady locks off. i actually combed them out then chopped off all my hair. whaddya think?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Horray for today!!!

i have been waiting for this day for a whole year now!! today is the season premiere of one of my favorite shows. Sons of Anarchy will be on in less than 20 minutes. Now if only i can get jr to pass out so i can enjoy my show in peace all my prayers will be answered. this will be continued

Sunday, August 5, 2012

D.I.Y. queen in the making

Thanks to my new found hobby of pinning, i have found a recipe to make my own laundry soap. I remember my mom saying she made some and was very happy with her batch. So i found the recipe and decided to make my own as well. I made all of this with 3 ingredients that cost me less than $10.00 total. And because its so concentrated its going to last longer than a regular box you would buy from the store. My mom said its supposed to last six months since you only use a table spoon per load. I can handle spending 10.00 for a six month supply! Here is the link to the recipe i used. Happy washing 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

only because

its the week of Sr birthday does mess like this happen..
 when Sr was coming to get me from work last night and apparently something broke. Now anything that has to do with the car that doesnt include changing the tire or putting fluids in, to me is considered guy stuff. So whatever is broke with the car is clearly guy stuff. We had already made plans on getting a new car in the house since this was our only one, so now that plan has just been moved up.. so lets see how this plays out.. lord help me

Sunday, July 22, 2012

my love affair with pintrest

Ok so ive recently been turned on to pintrest, and have discovered that i am addicted. Well in the process of feeding my addiction i found this blog that shows you how to get a water marble look to your nails. here is the blog and here is my results after many many attempts. i only did a couple of them just to see how it would come out. but im happy with it. whaddy think?

i feel like with all of the simple diy stuff on pintrest that ive found im bout to turn into martha stewart and have all kinds of cool stuff around the house, or new pieces of clothing. its about to go down let me tell ya

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Its been a long time

shouldnt have left you, without a dope beat to step to...

any way, whats good world? its been some time since ive written and so much has happened and gone on since then.. lets see....

Jr is now 2 and in that wonderful terrible stage. We have sucessfully finished potty training, he now stands up when he pees and makes it to the bathroom before he makes number 2. Can we say proud mommy?!?! OH YEAH!! Its truly amazing to watch your child grow up. I knew he was going to grow up, but i just had no idea what i was in store for when he did. It seems like everyday he adds another word to his sentence when he talks to me. The other day when he was sitting at the table he told me "need to get down mommy, need to watch cars," now before it was always something along the lines of watch cars, or get down. But now he needs everything and im understanding him so much more. It just amazes me. Not only is this child almost as big as me, but now im starting to understand what he is telling me? oh wow. i just cant take it. Hes just getting so big i cant take it. When he took his school pictures it just amazed me at how much he looks nothing like me. lol

As far as i go, hmmm... i took my dreads down after having them for about a year and a half. after that i decided it was time for another change.. so i chopped my hair off! whaddya think? i think this has been the best thing thus far that ive done. i absolutely love it. im thinking of going shorter, but that will be determined at a later time. Ive recently became addicted to this thing called pintrest. my mom told me about it and once i looked into it, it was a wrap. im now addicted. lets see how much of the stuff on my diy list gets done. with this new job that i have and these 10 hour days i am going to have to do a better job updating this blog. even if no one reads it, i still like to share. lol

Speaking of sharing, im bout to give you some pages that you really need to make sure you check out. once you do, youll be glad you did.
3.)  this is an upcoming artist here in louisville that happens to be one of the dopest ive ever heard. (and no im not saying that because hes my husband) With all the crap that is being played on the radio now, his music is completely unlike anything thats out now. Its good to have some music with some substance that isnt talking about  hoes, money  and drugs. If you love hip hop and want to listen to what it should be, check out the pages! let me know what you think, tell em i sent ya!!

yall be easy.