Monday, January 19, 2015

New year, new me..

Isn't that how the saying goes? Well it is a new year, but its not a new me, just one that is improving. As last year came to a close, i had a real moment in the sense that i realized i was not happy with certain aspects of myself  and my life. So with that, i knew that changes were in order.  I decided that starting January 1, i was going to fast from sun up to noon and in doing so i would pray more and really listen and take the guidance being provided to me. Along with am fasting, i have also been meditating in the evening.  That has given me so much clarity and peace in itself. I am seeing changes not only in myself but also in others around me especially my son. Its almost like a light has gone off with him and his attitude has flipped for the better.  Hes never been a horribly bad kid, just a 4 year old that can make your head hurt...well with me anyway.  But its like hes turning into a whole new dude, its crazy but i a grateful.  Ive noticed that i am becoming more patient and more peaceful. I dont let much alter my energy, especially in the area that needed fixing the most (my job). Im grateful for these changes. im grateful for the more natural changes i have been making as well. Oil pulling more often, lemon water daily, no fluoride infested toothpaste,  all natural deoderant, essential oils... its just little things that make such a difference. It's not a new me, just an improving one. I have about 12 days left of fasting. Lets see what else Allah will do for me.

That is all. Be blessed.