Friday, December 17, 2010

*sigh* help me lord

Freezing rain, sleet and freezing temperatures are not a good mix, especially when your house sits on a hill and your driveway is steep as hell. I had to catch a cab to work yesterday because we were pretty much stuck on the hill with the cars. I went outside yesterday to do a dry run with out the baby and car seat to determine the best way to get down our hill. There is no best way down our hill. I tried to go down the grass, which was icy as hell and ended up slididng down mY neighbors driveway. -Accident #1- On my way back up the drive way I musta hit a slippery piece of ice (as if there is a such thing as a non slippery piece of ice) and I slid down the hill, lost my balance and rolled down the hill.  So by this time im serious contemplating how im going to get myself, 3 bags, Jr and the carseat down this hill with out breaking bones, busting asses or killing us. Thank god I found this little shovel in the garage, I used that to make a small path down the drive that I can walk down safely. Thank God I had a nice cab driver, he offered to carry the carseat down while I carried jr down. He was really nice for offering, but I feel bad because he kinda slid down my driveway. I giggled. Lol My chld has been in more adventures in his 7 months of living. Bug he takes it all in stride and smiles. I love him.

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