Friday, October 29, 2010

I'll never forget my first time..

I got my first professional full body massage today. My friend and her mother gave me a gift card to a spa here and I finally used it today. Getting that massage was so nice. I didn't fall asleep during it but I wasn't awake either. It was so nice. I got to use the sauna and the whole line of aveeda products. They also had a self style area that you could fix your hair if you decided to wash it while you were there. Trust and believe I used it. I got my monies worth today. Plus I was gonna have to wash my hair today anyway so I worked out. Lol that was the best part of this day.
Work has been going well. It's easy money and the hours are great. Jr seems to be adjusting well. He does good at the sitters and good when he comes home. Although he was backed up for 5 days earlier this week. But we got him taken care of. They're gonna have to check his GI track this next dr visit because he's on day 3 again. So well see. I have to switch formula again. The dr changed us from good start to similac and even though the brand I use isn't being recalled I still can't find it anywhere, so were going to enfamil ar now. Hopefully this will be ok with him and his reflux. Well see. Oh well, Jr is knocked out in my arms now and I'm bout to put him down. Be easy 

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