Thursday, November 18, 2010


Its funny how jr is 6 months now and im still having these "omg this is really my child" moments. Hes hit the stage now to where all he does is blow spit bubbles. its so funny. he babbles alot too. my grandma said he said da-da today. sr and i had a bet as to who he would say first. when she told me that i was crushed!! lol we ma-ma-ma-ma-ma in the car, and when we hang out and he went ahead and said da-da first! aint that a blip! i would have been ok with him sayin pa-pa first, but da-da? youve got to be serious! lol sr is too crunk about it. hes also figuring out those legs of his and turning over more. hes been kicking his legs alot and kinda scooting along. hes growing so fast its crazy.

there was a question game going on facebook the other day. if someone asked you a question you had to answer it in your status. someone asked me what the best part about being a mom. my answer was the toothless grin that he gives me. especially when i pick him up from my grandmas or when i go to get him in the morning. i just am so greatful for him and amazed that this small person is mine. omg this is really my child. oh man. i love my life. but im out, gotta get to work by 7.

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