Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mom, Dad, its time to get ready...

OMG!!!! Jr took his first steps last night and both mel and i were here to see it!!! Talk about exciting!!! i was screaming with excitement which in turn made him scream with excitement! lol He was walking between the two of us for like 45 minutes last night. Even though my baby looks like a little drunk when he was walking, he was still walking on his own!! i think that hell be walking by the time his birthday party comes around next month. I cant believe that he is already going to be one. Hell be 11 months on the 4th. My how time flys. And now hes walking too?!? man its crazy. you would think that with him being 11 months already i would be over these "omg thats my child" moments. lol but i still have them and occasionally i tear up behind them too. yeah im such a crybaby.
Im trying to decide what to do for his birthday party, i dont really expect more than a handfull of kids, if that. itll be more adults than anything, so i know ill have some cards and dominoes, but as far as things for the kids to do, i have no idea what to plan for them. ugh... what do you do for a first birthday party that the baby wont even remember really?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jr vs the Alphabets..

The letters won. lol

im happy to report that our bout with the chicken pox is now over. were still battling the bout with the cough and runny nose and now a double ear infection, but he is getting better by the day. his nose is more bothersome to me than it is him, and his cough is slowly starting to fade. i think he coughed so hard last night that he scared himself and started crying. and this ear infection isnt even really bothering him, if the dr wouldnt have told me that he had it, then we wouldnt have known he had it. he hasnt been tugging at his ears or anything. but everyone here in the house is starting to get better by the day, thank god.
In other news: my lock journey is still in motion. im hitting one of those rough times that my aunt warned me about, but its all part of the game. ive had more compliments on my hair here recently than i can remember ever having. ive also had those say "omg your hair is too pretty for all of that" and all kinds of other crap. but  im not worried about it. this is something that i am choosing to do and want to do, so everything else that everyone has to say is in one ear and out the other. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

just want to share...

thought id post a couple of pics of my twists that will soon be locks. yay... im excited for my journey!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

damn you shingles!!!

i dont know if i mentioned in my earlier posts that i had shingles in my neck. shingles are the adult version of chicken pox that is localized to one side and are a of your body, you only get it if youve had chicken pox before. well my main concern was my baby and him getting chicken pox at such a young age. my dr said that he should be ok because he still has my antibodies in his system and he shouldnt get them..yeah well what he also forgot to mention was that it takes 10-21 days to manifest itself after touching the effected area. Soo needless to say saturday i noticed a little red pock mark on jr back.. two days later they were everywhere. smh my poor baby. the dr office was just so shocked that there was an actual case of chicken pox. "no body really gets chicken pox anymore, hes a special little boy." he tells me. (rolling my eyes) and on top of him having the chicken pox he has a small cold. more of a runny nose and a cough. my poor babies nose is running so bad he wakes up with his eyelashes matted together with boogies and his nose completely blocked off. but since its been a few days hes starting to clear up. hopefully hes back to 100% before i head back to work. my poor baby. so yeah, i gave my baby the chicken pox. :(

in other news, i two strand twisted my hair to start my locks!! so for now theyre just two strand twists, itll proly take about a year to fully lock up. but this is the beginning of my lock journey..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A change is coming

I've recently decided after alot of going back and forth, to lock up my hair aka dread locks. Only my locks won't be dreadful, no matter what state they are in. I was thinking of cutting my hair to the same length Halle berry has, but I feel like short hair like that requires more up keep than longer hair. And with my hair being more than half way to my butt, I just don't have the time, effort or energy to continue to flatiron and style and all that. So I've decided that I'm cutting my hair to my shouders and starting the process of locking my hair. I am too excited!! Just thought I'd share. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lets play catch up shall we?

Man so much has gone on since ive been on here last, hence the reason why i havent been writing. Plus these 10 hr shifts are kicking my ass. Well lets see where do i start? My car is still in the shop.. apparently my rear end was completly gone and everything back there had to be replaced. what everything back there is, i have no idea. all i know is this man has had my car for almost a ready to get my car back!!

somehow over the past two weeks, ive developed shingles. And even though its a 2nd round of chicken pox in adults that is only in one spot on you body, this shit hurt worse than anything i could think of. Hell id rather have a baby again than have shingles. that junk felt like a million needles poking you, or like prickly heat. all i can say is that im glad this episode is almost over. i was concerned because i know that both chicken pox and shingles are contagious and i didnt want the baby to get them this soon. the dr said that he still has my chicken pox antibodies in his system that i shouldnt worry about it. and praise God he hasnt had any show up, so im greatful for that.

We took jr to the dr friday and he is now 24 lbs,  29 1/2 inches long, and has a 18 1/2 inch head, and he is in the 75% range of kids his age. the dr was suprised at how solid he is. what an i say this kid has been moving around in his walker since he was 4 months, of course hes gonna be solid. hell his thighs alone have more definition than mine. lol we built a fort a couple of sundays ago for us to hang out and watch movies in. everyone got in on the fun. but someone couldnt hang. lol droolin all on my pillow.