Thursday, September 30, 2010

Were making changes...

So we went to the Dr after our scary screaming bloody murder experience that we had. The Dr said that he believes its his reflux acting up again, so we changed formulas, upped the dosage on his zantac and elevated the head of the bed. So far so good, he hasn't been throwing up nearly half as much as he was (thank god.)So that was the excitement for the middle of the week. Earlier this week the motor on my washer died.. can you say WTF!?! But lucky for us, my aunt is moving to Alabama and decided that she isn't taking her washer with her, so now its on its way to my house now. (literally) so that is defiantly a blessing.   Now to start sorting out the boxes of clothes that friends have sent us, wash those and get some organization to the dresser drawers in my babies room. Now that i think about this, i have truly been blessed. I have yet to buy clothes for my baby, so i will not complain! 

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