Wednesday, September 12, 2012

continued it shall be..

ok so let me first start out by saying i am so excited for the Sons of Anarchy season, its ridiculous. The premiere started out kinda slow and then picked up with in the last 30 minutes of the hour and a half long episode. I think i may have had high standards since i was kind of disappointed with last seasons finale. But none the less, i will be tuned in every tuesday, fighting my sleep to stay awake for the whole episode. :) now that ive expressed my <3 for that outlaw club, let me continue on.

i know i have kind of strayed from posting about my lovely journey as a mother to this continually growing child of mine. This little boy is 2 yrs and 4 months, he has been moved out of the 2 year old class he was in and put into the 2 going on 3 year old class. he was just too far ahead of everyone in his previous class. This child stands to my hip bone, and is now starting to talk. and when i say talk it is the "whats this?" "I want" "look mommy" etc. it blows my mind how fast this little boy is growing. some times i just feel like i cant take it. lol this is him writing with his chalk today on the porch.

I have also realized that i am that mother that loves to have the sleep overs and other kids over my house for jr to play with. I have had a coworkers child over twice, while they went out. Jr has come to love these times just as i thought he would. Him and his friend O were having a blast, and ended up taking over my bed  

 also just as an update, i have cut my lovely lady locks off. i actually combed them out then chopped off all my hair. whaddya think?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Horray for today!!!

i have been waiting for this day for a whole year now!! today is the season premiere of one of my favorite shows. Sons of Anarchy will be on in less than 20 minutes. Now if only i can get jr to pass out so i can enjoy my show in peace all my prayers will be answered. this will be continued