Monday, October 4, 2010

This monday I...

-Got an email back from evenflo today saying that they were going to send me a replacement axle for free. That was love and i didn't have to even fight with them about it! so yeah i will not complain!! WHOO!!!!

-Made my first batch of baby food today!!! Thanks to I was successful at making some green beans, avocado and sweet potatoes today. It was actually easier than i thought, and i had fun doing it! lol I think i might have found a way to produce some added income by doing this. And i fed some green beans to Jr and he ate them all!!! Ive learned that i have to trick Jr when it comes to actually eating some solids. He knows what his bottle looks like and when he sees it he screams until he gets it (greedy) lol, so this morning when i was getting ready to feed him oatmeal i put his bottle in my pocket so he couldnt see it and proceeded to feed him the oatmeal. He realized after about 5 spoons of oatmeal that he hasnt got any milk yet and threw a fit. lol But at least i know i can get him to eat a few bites without having to give him the bottle right away. :) Im learning!!

-sang HAPPY 5 MONTH BIRTHDAY to my Jr. I cant believe that hes 5 months already!!! I was just thinking about my whole delivery experience the other day. Hell i can remember it all like it was yesterday, and now its 5 months later and hes starting to eat solids. My how time flies. Next thing i know its going to be his first birthday. Thats crazy. 

-will be applying for jobs... Im very sad to say that i will no longer be a SAHM, but it is what it is. I want to start doing more with my family and in order to do that we are going to need more funds. Plus with the economy being the way it is, i cant risk only having one income in the house. Ive been up the creek without a paddle before and it sucks. This time i will have my paddle. So yeah here begins this journey again. Wish me luck! 

what did you do this monday?

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