Tuesday, April 26, 2011

oye vey!!

this birthday party thing is getting out of hand i tell ya.. it orginally started here at our house, then moved to chuck e cheese..NOW...its back at the house.. i changed it to chuck e cheese because i thought it was going to be alot of kids here and i was trying to entertain them, well when i sent out the reminder via text about the party nobody responded to me that they were coming with any kids. so if nobody with kids is going to make it to CEC, lets just move it back home. there is no point in having an adult party at CEC. so now im just going to cook some nachos and call it a day. if anyone shows up great, if not oh well. its not like hes really going to remember it anyway, so well just hang out at the house. if alot of kids do come then well just pile up and head to the park, if not then we just kick it, play dominoes and spades and just chill. i know one thing, ill be glad when its over. lol

Saturday, April 23, 2011

one week and counting and other stuff..

so this birthday party is in one week and counting. and the plans have changed.. we are now going to chuck e cheese for this party. it will keep my house cleaner and plus the guest list keeps growing.. how im not really sure, but it went from a handfull of kids to damn near 15 now. OMG! yeah.. were going somewhere that i dont have to clean up behind rugrats foreal. so chuck e cheese it is. now lets see if we have enough money to cover all the expenses for the food and stuff. 
we went to the zoo today for the first time with Jr. the last time i was at the zoo, i was tryin to walk his ass out. lol it wasnt the best of days to go since it was a little rainy today, but since it was $2 day at the zoo, it was worth it. there were animals out, but not all of em. i didnt really get a chance to take many pictures with him and the animals because i went with a homegirl who had her two kids also. but the few that i did get to take were pretty good. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

one of thee best nights ever..

Talib Kweli came to concert here on the 18th and we just so happened to go to the concert. It was a last minute adventure that we went on. And man am i glad that we went! The concert was awesome and then he also had Hi-Tek with him. Check out the pics!!

 Special guest: Hi-Tek
 He decided to dj after he perfomed.
 Me and Hi-Tek

Sunday, April 10, 2011


a weekend of activity outside of the house. saturday we went to a friends sons birthday party. this was his second birthday party but his first one that he can really remember. he was walking around and just hanging out. we wore him thee hell out sat. and today we went to chuck e cheese. he started walking around and everything while he was there, watch out world jr is really on the move now! lol we put him in some of the rides and at first he wasnt feeling it, but then he got the hang of it. i think after he ate he was more excited to be around all of the noise and hanging out with other kids like that. even his daddy had fun. lol

here in a few weeks he will be having his first birthday party, and his god parents will be intown along with a whole bunch of folks here. truthfully, im a little anxious about this bday party. ive never had to throw a childs birthday party before. like what do i do to entertain these kids? my plan is to get a ball pitt for him and all the kids to play in, while me and the adults chill out and party. idk hopefully this party will go over smooth. ugh lets get this over with already.. lol

Monday, April 4, 2011

he is a BEAST!

My auntie watches her daughters son while she is at work, today i had to stop over there and this is really the first time that mikey and jr have had a chance to interact with each other now that mikey is a little bit bigger. they played so well together. although looking at my son compared to mikey, jr is HUGE!!! granted mikey is 5 months younger than jr but goodness. mikey is tall and jr is..well..thick. lol

Sunday, April 3, 2011

today was not his day..

if your name was romell, today was not your day. when Sr woke up this morning, his phone decided that it no longer wanted to work. so now hes with out phone for a few days. and jr had a roll over accident, and a few spills today. we were outside enjoying the day and he was in his walker, he started following me but then changed directions and went off the concrete and had a roll over accident in the walker. he didnt break anything and nothing was bleeding, he just has a little scrape near his eyebrow. Sr said that he dove off of the couch outside earlier, and then i put him in his crib wrapped in his towel and he went to stand up and got tangled. he ended up bumpin his head and it just happened to be on the same side as the roll over accident. my poor babies. this sunday was not a funday for the romells.