Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dear Evenflo

Im new to this whole mommy thing, so i may be a bit slow at somethings but im seriously confused. Ok, my stroller, the Evenflo Aura looks like its going to loose its wheels at any moment. It looks like the axel is bent in the back and that has warped our tires. So i go to evenflos website and they are saying i need the model number and manufacture date. 101401SK 11198572B where is a date at in there?? they have a trasnlator that says the 2B is the year-month (jan=a, feb=b etc.) but when i go to put this info in on their site its asking for mm/dd/yy. sooo where would the dd be at? Im so confused. I sent them an email with my phone number so hopefully ill be getting a call from them soon. So we shall see how this goes.. this WILL be continued...

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