Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome to this crazy life of mine.

Welcome to this crazy ass life of mine. I was on earlier and seen some moms who had their own blog and i thought.. "hmmm maybe i should do one also, sorta as an outlet and just to do it." Why not? So since this is my world, just understand that im not all serious about little things like the capslock or my grammar. I do what it do! lol 
Let me introduce myself and my clan, I'm Tae, im a first time mother to a wonderful little boy who was born on my mothers birthday. His name is Romell Jr and he is my heart.I married my best friend Romell Sr. 2 years ago, and wouldnt change a thing. I also have one of the laziest dogs in the world. lol Gotta love that Pachino.

Well thats all for this one. Thanks for reading. i hope you enjoy.



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