Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy birthday Mikey!!!!

Well not completely. My cousin had her baby boy last night. poor thing she didnt have a great pregnancy like i did. She didnt have any major complications during the [pregnancy but she had a long and tiring delivery. But after 17+ hours of contractions, epidurals, pushing and emergency c-section, my lil cousin Mikey is here!!! I cant wait til he gets older and him and Jr are hanging out and playing together. I'm so excited its crazy. lol If all of my family   lived close they would be a serious rat pack. My sister has two girls, 1 year old and a 3 month old. I have Jr who is about to be 5 months and now Mikey!? yeah couldnt mess with em! LOL I am just too excited. :)

Were making changes...

So we went to the Dr after our scary screaming bloody murder experience that we had. The Dr said that he believes its his reflux acting up again, so we changed formulas, upped the dosage on his zantac and elevated the head of the bed. So far so good, he hasn't been throwing up nearly half as much as he was (thank god.)So that was the excitement for the middle of the week. Earlier this week the motor on my washer died.. can you say WTF!?! But lucky for us, my aunt is moving to Alabama and decided that she isn't taking her washer with her, so now its on its way to my house now. (literally) so that is defiantly a blessing.   Now to start sorting out the boxes of clothes that friends have sent us, wash those and get some organization to the dresser drawers in my babies room. Now that i think about this, i have truly been blessed. I have yet to buy clothes for my baby, so i will not complain! 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Second guessing myself..

Jr was laying down sleep tonight and he just suddenly started screaming. And I'm not talking about regular screaming, I'm talking about bloody murder, stop your heart and make you wanna cry screaming. He did this once before when we were outta town at my parents house. My dad who was the on at the house with him said he just had to burp real big and then he was fine, so I figured that's what it was. Babe got spooked and was ready to go to the hospital. I told him to call mom and she said when my brother was little he had a small blockage in his intestine and he would do the same thing and that we should go to the er. So we hop in the car an head downtown, by the time we get there Jr is relaxing and just fine. so after sitting in the car for damn near 20 minutes we decided to go back home. Now he's sleep and my monitors are up all the way. I'm exhausted. Him screaming hurt my heart, and made me cry. *sigh* goin to bed. Night

Its Sunday...ahhh

Well its been a few days since Ive been on here. The past few nights Jr has been sleeping through the night, going on 8 hours strong, but some how that 8 hours ends somewhere around 3 or 4 in the morning, but i wont complain at least its not the 1 or 2 am like it was. Im glad hes getting back on the normal schedule again. Now it just seems like he has to be on me at all times. The other day my cousin came over and took him and he went balistic! He hit 3 different octaves and everything! Ugh i dont know what to do cuz it drives me crazy that he only wants to be up on someone all the time. oh well. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sleep? What is that?

I can't win for losing. The past few nights I've been real lucky cuz Jr has been sleep by 9 and would sleep til about 4. Well I would always nap when he did which was causing me to not get to sleep til about 1. Well I call myself not napping with him yesterday so I could get to bed at a decent hour. Ha! That didn't happen, babe didn't get home from work until 1030 and my lil sis didn't leave til like an hour after that. So when I finally do get to sleep, my little man decides it's time to get up. This is at quarter to 3. Needless to say I'm still up, my arthritic knees are killing me and my wrists are soon to follow on the pain train. I'm drained and the day really hasn't begun yet. Fml

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"He's so spoiled"

When I first had Mel I was so worried about spoiling him it was almost to the point of not holding him an enjoying cuddle time. I was so worried about having "that baby" that nobody wanted to watch because you couldn't put him down without him acting out. I really have tried my best to not spoil him. i read somewhere that you cant spoil a baby within the first 3 months because they dont know how to manipulate you yet...well this 4 month old does. lol if i know hes crying because he wants to be held..well i just have to let him cry for a minute and do what i gotta do, but a couple weeks ago when i thought he was teething, and he was damn near hysterical every day, i had to hold him. I was almost to my breaking point. no scratch that i had a break down that weekend. And i didn't really realize that he was spoiled until my sister in law told me. I'm like well... its too late now. I mean hell i let him chill out in his walker, exersaucer and swing throughout the day along with laying on his play mat, so wth else am i supposed to do? I feel like oh well i shouldn't worry about it but i do. when i go back to work the person that is going to watch him is going to have to deal with that. and if they get too frustrated and decide that shaking my child or some other crazy shit like that is the best option, im gonna have to kill em. *sigh* i dont know what to do. 

This sucks, its going on 8 and Sr. isnt home yet. Jr is sleep, but for some reason he sounds like hes sleeping light and kinda stirring in his room. :Lord please let him continue to sleep til tomorrow morning sometime: It kinda sucks that babe isnt here yet, hes normally home by now. But what can i do, somebody's gotta make the money. Hell even pachino is laid up on his blanket half sleep. :(

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Operation Solid Food

This is like day 3 of trying to introduce solids to Mel. Ive been doing the oatmeal cereal mixed with formula for breakfast every morning and so far so good. Even though my child is more on the impatient side and wants his food RIGHT NOW, were making progress. Ive learned that if i start him on the bottle and then slide some cereal in while his mouth is open and give him the bottle again that hell eat the cereal. Ive tried starting off on the cereal so he can get an idea of whats going on. He understands that were eating two things now but once that bottle is in sight its over. Thats what he wants and he wants it now! But overall were doing good on this experience. Yesterday he ate the whole tablespoon of oatmeal!! now if i can just do more spoon food and less bottle in between well be making bigger steps. Whoo!! im glad this is going well. And the oatmeal has more fiber in it so hes pooping more! WHOO!!! lol 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I used to care..

I was grocery shopping with my lovely little boy, and about half way thru our trip Lil Mel decided that he was done shopping and screamed his ass off. I mean it was the hysterical, turning red, holding his breath. at one point and time i would seriously worry about that. Now...well..i dont care. lol one of the employees decided to share her story about her first time her baby started crying in the grocery store. we sat there and cracked up. I think that is like a mommy initiation that god puts us thru and giggles watching how we handle it..

in other news.. biggest loser starts tonight. i love this show! at one point and time i would be able to watch it from the beginging but those days are over. i made the mistake of napping with tink til about oohh 6p. Yeah..i know better now. so needless to say he was up for a while. so i missed the first hour of it. but its all good because Sons of Anarchy is on tonight too, and that is one show i can NOT miss. -i feel like i watch alot of tv, but thats how me and babe relax at night..hmm *sorry that was a random thought. 

I recieved this email about helping your baby sleep. Im going to start doing some of the things that they suggest and see if it helps. if any body else has or will be doing it let me know how it goes. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

The hardest question of my life at the moment.

In the process of filling out questions for this job that im applying to, i was asked a question that has some how rocked me to my core. In 5 years what do I want to be doing? as i sit here and try to figure that out, all i come up with is a blank. which in turn makes my eyes water. I mean i feel like such a failure at life when i stop and think about all that ive done, well haven't done rather. Ive completed cosmetology school and dont have my license in my current state. When i was given the run around with the state board, i kinda just gave up. Ive completed 3/4 of my LPN school and quit when i had to retake a class and got pregnant. I mean like really wtf am i doing with my life? What direction do i want to take because i cant be a stay at home mom forever. Hell when Lil Mel goes to school what am i going to do then? Damn i really do feel like im just a wandering soul. Hmm...

WTH is really going on?

So i thought my little one who is four months, was teething last week. He was extra fussy, drooling everywhere, trying to eat his entire hand and was running a fever. And it seems like this week everything is back to normal. I'm so confused. lol I know that this is a learning process that is more trial and error than anything else but sheesh. Last week i thought i was living in hell, Lil Mel was fussy and giving me the blues, me and big Mel were having it out, and adding sleep deprivation on top of it really made it bad for business. But this week, we seem to be back to normal. (praise God and knocking on wood)

Speaking of sleep deprivation, is anyone or has anyone experience this 4 month old sleep regression? at one point and time, my son was sleeping thru the night, sometimes for 12 hours at a time. And now it seems he'll sleep for 8 or 9 hours and wake up. My Dr told me that since he has shown me that he can sleep thru the night, to skip the feeding and just soothe him back to sleep. That worked the first night, but every night since then Ive gotten the "I know your going to feed me" look. So needless to say Ive been sleep walking around my house sometime between 2 and 4 in the morning fixing bottles and waking into walls. Mel asked me why i was wandering thru the house this morning, like it was something i chose to do. Um no sir I'm getting a bottle ready. :) All i know it that I'm ready to be back on progression and not regression. I like my night sleep uninterrupted. (selfish i know)

I have a reality tv addiction.

Hi, my name is Tae and i have a reality tv addiction. lol When i saw that La La was having a show about her wedding i was all about it. I love to see other peoples weddings and since this one was a big budget one i was crunk. lol The only thing that made me kinda mad was that it was only a half hour. Oh well. Did anyone else watch it?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

COWBOYS til the day I die!!

Ok so this isnt the most updated picture, but you get the idea. Yeah its a throwback jersey that is kinda wittle,  but this right here is DEDICATION! lol Go Cowboys, boo Packers!

Welcome to this crazy life of mine.

Welcome to this crazy ass life of mine. I was on earlier and seen some moms who had their own blog and i thought.. "hmmm maybe i should do one also, sorta as an outlet and just to do it." Why not? So since this is my world, just understand that im not all serious about little things like the capslock or my grammar. I do what it do! lol 
Let me introduce myself and my clan, I'm Tae, im a first time mother to a wonderful little boy who was born on my mothers birthday. His name is Romell Jr and he is my heart.I married my best friend Romell Sr. 2 years ago, and wouldnt change a thing. I also have one of the laziest dogs in the world. lol Gotta love that Pachino.

Well thats all for this one. Thanks for reading. i hope you enjoy.