Friday, October 22, 2010

im starting to feel more like a grown up.

ive been working for a week now, so that means that ive been doing the whole time away from my son all day and learning how to get things together like a true mommy. lol Its interesting. im finding that i have to write everything down in order to make sure i get everything. I have a note in the fridge under my keys (so i dont forget my lunch) telling me to not forget the baby food in the freezer. I forgot them when i  dropped jr off for the first time. lol so now im writing notes to myself. Thats one thing ive noticed. 
Its funny, because when im driving in the morning dropping him off, i get this feeling of :i feel like someones mom: dropping him off and picking him up. lol  i guess im just doing it just like i pictured it in my head, and im loving every part of it. It really is amazing the feelings being a parent gives you. 
Ive been giving jr solids twice a day now. he has lunch at mama t's and some at dinner. The solids have replaced the rice bottle at night. his sleeping patterns really havent changed much. He seems to sleep through the nights about once a week now, hopefully that will start to increase soon. I have yet to try fruit, but i do have applesauce in the freezer so ill be trying it tomorrow. 
sooo thats about all for now, its time for me to pass out!

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