Thursday, September 22, 2011

a moment of silence

Today is a sad day for both the nation and two families. Last night Troy Davis was put to death from a casethat happened in 1989. His case lacked solid evidence and sometime between then and now witnesses have recanted their testimonies, yet this man was still put to death for something that in more ways than one says he didnt do it. This truly breaks my heart that this man was on death row 4 different times and ultimately had his life taken from him. I dont know who gave our government the ok to play god and decide when to end a mans life.

as i was watching the coverage on Mr Davis i read an article on yahoo that two officers in california were charged with beating a schizophrenic homeless man to death when there were at least 7 of them put on paid leave as they did an investigation. And as read the article it said they tazed this  man and cut his oxygen supply off my applying too much pressure on his thorax. Now if any of my readers know anything about me, they know that is exactly what happened to my brother only he wasnt tazed, he was shot with the pepperball gun 16 times before his oxygen was cut off to his brain ultimately leaving him mentally retarded and unable to speak, walk or live his life with out any type of assistance. 

between reading about the homeless man and the surpreme court denying Troy Davis his life, my heart is hurting. Our country is wrong in so many ways. This country is not the land of the free and home of the brave to everyone that lives in it. A woman kills her daughter and walks away scott free, when clearly there was evidence against her and yet a man is put to death for something they couldnt prove he did. Where is the justice? i guess the "just-us" was served to those who matter. 

R.I.P Troy Davis-- even though i did not know you personally, you will forever be a memory of mine.
prayers go the davis family.