Thursday, September 23, 2010

"He's so spoiled"

When I first had Mel I was so worried about spoiling him it was almost to the point of not holding him an enjoying cuddle time. I was so worried about having "that baby" that nobody wanted to watch because you couldn't put him down without him acting out. I really have tried my best to not spoil him. i read somewhere that you cant spoil a baby within the first 3 months because they dont know how to manipulate you yet...well this 4 month old does. lol if i know hes crying because he wants to be held..well i just have to let him cry for a minute and do what i gotta do, but a couple weeks ago when i thought he was teething, and he was damn near hysterical every day, i had to hold him. I was almost to my breaking point. no scratch that i had a break down that weekend. And i didn't really realize that he was spoiled until my sister in law told me. I'm like well... its too late now. I mean hell i let him chill out in his walker, exersaucer and swing throughout the day along with laying on his play mat, so wth else am i supposed to do? I feel like oh well i shouldn't worry about it but i do. when i go back to work the person that is going to watch him is going to have to deal with that. and if they get too frustrated and decide that shaking my child or some other crazy shit like that is the best option, im gonna have to kill em. *sigh* i dont know what to do. 

This sucks, its going on 8 and Sr. isnt home yet. Jr is sleep, but for some reason he sounds like hes sleeping light and kinda stirring in his room. :Lord please let him continue to sleep til tomorrow morning sometime: It kinda sucks that babe isnt here yet, hes normally home by now. But what can i do, somebody's gotta make the money. Hell even pachino is laid up on his blanket half sleep. :(

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