Sunday, September 26, 2010

Second guessing myself..

Jr was laying down sleep tonight and he just suddenly started screaming. And I'm not talking about regular screaming, I'm talking about bloody murder, stop your heart and make you wanna cry screaming. He did this once before when we were outta town at my parents house. My dad who was the on at the house with him said he just had to burp real big and then he was fine, so I figured that's what it was. Babe got spooked and was ready to go to the hospital. I told him to call mom and she said when my brother was little he had a small blockage in his intestine and he would do the same thing and that we should go to the er. So we hop in the car an head downtown, by the time we get there Jr is relaxing and just fine. so after sitting in the car for damn near 20 minutes we decided to go back home. Now he's sleep and my monitors are up all the way. I'm exhausted. Him screaming hurt my heart, and made me cry. *sigh* goin to bed. Night

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  1. oh i know how you feel, my son screamed like that just last night, but there was nothing that i could think of that could possibly be bothering him, we were getting ready to leave for the hospital when he calmed down and fell asleep. i swear he is on 24 hour watch today, i'm not taking my eyes off him for one second. haha right now he is sitting in his little chair on the computer desk.