Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I used to care..

I was grocery shopping with my lovely little boy, and about half way thru our trip Lil Mel decided that he was done shopping and screamed his ass off. I mean it was the hysterical, turning red, holding his breath. at one point and time i would seriously worry about that. Now...well..i dont care. lol one of the employees decided to share her story about her first time her baby started crying in the grocery store. we sat there and cracked up. I think that is like a mommy initiation that god puts us thru and giggles watching how we handle it..

in other news.. biggest loser starts tonight. i love this show! at one point and time i would be able to watch it from the beginging but those days are over. i made the mistake of napping with tink til about oohh 6p. Yeah..i know better now. so needless to say he was up for a while. so i missed the first hour of it. but its all good because Sons of Anarchy is on tonight too, and that is one show i can NOT miss. -i feel like i watch alot of tv, but thats how me and babe relax at night..hmm *sorry that was a random thought. 

I recieved this email about helping your baby sleep. Im going to start doing some of the things that they suggest and see if it helps. http://www.babysleepsite.com/ if any body else has or will be doing it let me know how it goes. 

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