Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Four months since writing, not so proud of myself, but that's life right?  my life. Lol

My life is constantly evolving, shaking and moving. It has made me stronger, more confident in myself, more conscious and aware. It has given me a multitude of emotions and feelings, some of which have been completely new to me. Life has made me better. A better mom, wife, daughter, sister and cousin. Life has given me reason, understanding, peace and a little more patience. I am grateful for life and all of its opportunities it's provided me. Life has made me who I have become, who I am becoming and an idea of who I will be. I am grateful for life and all of those  in it.

To my beautiful aunt who is no longer in my life, I love you. You have raised some pretty awesome children who are very smart and strong individuals. I only hope I can do the same with mine. You have inspired me to educate my son just like you did us every summer. It's amazing how I much I miss you, knowing we didn't talk as often as we should have. I admit, I took your being alive for granted, and for that I am sorry. I love you and thank you for everything you have done for me throughout my life and in passing. Without you, I wouldn't be stronger, wiser and better. Thank you. I hope when I see you in the next life time, those 3  little words will have the same meaning.

I love you, be glad that you are free