Friday, October 29, 2010

I'll never forget my first time..

I got my first professional full body massage today. My friend and her mother gave me a gift card to a spa here and I finally used it today. Getting that massage was so nice. I didn't fall asleep during it but I wasn't awake either. It was so nice. I got to use the sauna and the whole line of aveeda products. They also had a self style area that you could fix your hair if you decided to wash it while you were there. Trust and believe I used it. I got my monies worth today. Plus I was gonna have to wash my hair today anyway so I worked out. Lol that was the best part of this day.
Work has been going well. It's easy money and the hours are great. Jr seems to be adjusting well. He does good at the sitters and good when he comes home. Although he was backed up for 5 days earlier this week. But we got him taken care of. They're gonna have to check his GI track this next dr visit because he's on day 3 again. So well see. I have to switch formula again. The dr changed us from good start to similac and even though the brand I use isn't being recalled I still can't find it anywhere, so were going to enfamil ar now. Hopefully this will be ok with him and his reflux. Well see. Oh well, Jr is knocked out in my arms now and I'm bout to put him down. Be easy 

Friday, October 22, 2010

im starting to feel more like a grown up.

ive been working for a week now, so that means that ive been doing the whole time away from my son all day and learning how to get things together like a true mommy. lol Its interesting. im finding that i have to write everything down in order to make sure i get everything. I have a note in the fridge under my keys (so i dont forget my lunch) telling me to not forget the baby food in the freezer. I forgot them when i  dropped jr off for the first time. lol so now im writing notes to myself. Thats one thing ive noticed. 
Its funny, because when im driving in the morning dropping him off, i get this feeling of :i feel like someones mom: dropping him off and picking him up. lol  i guess im just doing it just like i pictured it in my head, and im loving every part of it. It really is amazing the feelings being a parent gives you. 
Ive been giving jr solids twice a day now. he has lunch at mama t's and some at dinner. The solids have replaced the rice bottle at night. his sleeping patterns really havent changed much. He seems to sleep through the nights about once a week now, hopefully that will start to increase soon. I have yet to try fruit, but i do have applesauce in the freezer so ill be trying it tomorrow. 
sooo thats about all for now, its time for me to pass out!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 1 down!

Today was my official first day of work, and I can say that I
digging this new job. I woke up exxtra early this morning like 545ish so I could get in the shower,eat get jr up, feed him and get us both dressed. Well even after doing all of that and driving to my grandma house I still had an hour to burn before I was to clock in. When I dropped jr off, he didn't cry or scream or anything (thank god) then again I didn't really give him the chance to, because I knew that if he started bawling while I was there I'd be boo hooing all the way to work lookin like a damn mess. But mama t said he did fine today and so did I. Work is easy breezy, and the atmosphere is cool. I actually enjoyed being there today. But what made it better was when I went to pick up jr and he gave me thee biggest smile ever. That was when I knew everything was going to be alright. But I've definatly learned my lesson. Waking up at 545am is a biggggg no no. I'm bout to crash now. Lol

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here's to a new start...

Well I have good news! I have a part time gig that I start tomorrow. I'm excited to work again and having mild seperation anxiety because of it. I'm not sure why I'm really tripping so much about this considering I've left him with family and friends over night and this is only for a few hours, but I'm still kinda freaking out on the inside. I'm excited cuz I need a little break from my house, and Jr. But at the same time it's like omg I've been with him for the past 5 months and now I have to leave him with someone else!?! Ahhhh!!! I think he has an idea of what's going on because for the past two days he's been extra cranky and whining and very clingy. I just pray that he doesn't start bawling when I leave him, the last thing I need is to be crying my eyes out on my way to the job on my first day.
I left him with my sister-in-law last night and I know he was givin her the blues with allthe screaming and crying, she said she put orajel on his gums and he calmed down. So maybe he is starting to teethe. But even so if he is I'm not really a fan of orajel because I read somewhere that it makes the gums hard which makes it worse when the teeth actually cut through. So I don't know. I guess we shall see. Tomorrow starts a new adventure.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The seasons aren't the only thing changing

My time as a stay at home mom is coming to an end. I'm not to terribly excited about this but it has to be done. The prices on everything seems to keep getting higher and now days everybody has damn near 2 jobs and they are barely staying ahead. So it's time I get back inyo the wonderful world of working again. I'm not dreading the fact that I have to go back to work, I'm stressing the most about child care. I can't afford daycare and I really have no one to watch my son. So now I have this extra stress about this. My sister in law said that her grandmother is willing to watch him so hopefully that will work out. At least my job hunt isnt going too bad. I have a phone interview tomorrow afternoon and one later in the evening.
so hopefully my next post will have some good news to it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

This monday I...

-Got an email back from evenflo today saying that they were going to send me a replacement axle for free. That was love and i didn't have to even fight with them about it! so yeah i will not complain!! WHOO!!!!

-Made my first batch of baby food today!!! Thanks to I was successful at making some green beans, avocado and sweet potatoes today. It was actually easier than i thought, and i had fun doing it! lol I think i might have found a way to produce some added income by doing this. And i fed some green beans to Jr and he ate them all!!! Ive learned that i have to trick Jr when it comes to actually eating some solids. He knows what his bottle looks like and when he sees it he screams until he gets it (greedy) lol, so this morning when i was getting ready to feed him oatmeal i put his bottle in my pocket so he couldnt see it and proceeded to feed him the oatmeal. He realized after about 5 spoons of oatmeal that he hasnt got any milk yet and threw a fit. lol But at least i know i can get him to eat a few bites without having to give him the bottle right away. :) Im learning!!

-sang HAPPY 5 MONTH BIRTHDAY to my Jr. I cant believe that hes 5 months already!!! I was just thinking about my whole delivery experience the other day. Hell i can remember it all like it was yesterday, and now its 5 months later and hes starting to eat solids. My how time flies. Next thing i know its going to be his first birthday. Thats crazy. 

-will be applying for jobs... Im very sad to say that i will no longer be a SAHM, but it is what it is. I want to start doing more with my family and in order to do that we are going to need more funds. Plus with the economy being the way it is, i cant risk only having one income in the house. Ive been up the creek without a paddle before and it sucks. This time i will have my paddle. So yeah here begins this journey again. Wish me luck! 

what did you do this monday?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dear Evenflo

Im new to this whole mommy thing, so i may be a bit slow at somethings but im seriously confused. Ok, my stroller, the Evenflo Aura looks like its going to loose its wheels at any moment. It looks like the axel is bent in the back and that has warped our tires. So i go to evenflos website and they are saying i need the model number and manufacture date. 101401SK 11198572B where is a date at in there?? they have a trasnlator that says the 2B is the year-month (jan=a, feb=b etc.) but when i go to put this info in on their site its asking for mm/dd/yy. sooo where would the dd be at? Im so confused. I sent them an email with my phone number so hopefully ill be getting a call from them soon. So we shall see how this goes.. this WILL be continued...

Holy smokes Batman


I dont know whats going on with my baby, but Jr has been exxxttrrraa cranky today. Hell eat and then scream at the top of his lungs, so me thinking that he is sleepy ill pick him up and rub his back. He'll fall asleep for about 45 minutes and were repeating the whole process again. I dont know if hes teething, or just not feeling good, but he has just been uber cranky today. I try to burp him a little extra when he gets done eating and when he starts screaming just because i know thats been a problem in the past, but Sheesh a momma needs a break, a few drinks and a good massage after days like today. Im so glad that his daddy is off work tomorrow and will be home, then i can get a small break from him and do fun stuff like laundry and sorting through all of his clothes :-/