Tuesday, July 19, 2011

time to play catch up...

damn ive been slacking.. its been almost a month since ive blogged.. my bad... there's so much to catch up on. First we went to the Kalahari resort in wisconsin for my Sr family reunion and we had a ball. the resort was so nice, they had an indoor and outdoor water park, and an indoor theme park. we all had a good time. they had rides for the little kids, the big kids and all kinds of extra stuff. lil mel got in the pool for the first time. he wasnt a fan of the slides where water went in his face, but he was all about the lazy river.. they also had smaller rides in the indoor theme park and he was loving most of em.. he didnt like the merry go round or the mini pirates ship, but he was loving the swing.

When we got back from the family reunion, he started a real day care and on his second day he came home with war wounds.. this little girl there scratched his face around his eye. surprisingly im not the crazy parent  that does all the cussing and actin crazy.. mel doesnt act out but he sure does get mad when it comes to his baby. lol its actually kinda funny. i didnt trip like he thought i should have, i mean after all they are kids, and  its not the facilities fault that the girls nails werent clipped.. now if it happens again then we will have some problems. when they told me that he did some pictures you woulda thought they said he just redid a picasso or something.. lol ive never been so proud of scribbles in my entire life. :)
Today while we were home waiting for daddy to get home, i decided that it was time to cut his hair..ive already been talking about it, but i guess i just got impatient and decided to do it myself. i took the shears to his head and got him together. one of my friends said its uneven, its not, i just laid his hair down for the first time. he still has a head full of curls, its just about training his hair now. hes so cute with his hair cut. i just love it. and the fact that i cut it makes it just that much  better. 
thats all ive got for now, gotta get my house ready for tomorrow. peace.