Monday, July 8, 2013

The Couch That Brought Us Together 

Who would have thought that one piece of furniture could make such a difference? We had gotten rid of our couch on a whim one night, without having a replacement, leaving our living room kind of naked. Needless to say a fold out chair and a rocking chair are hardly comfortable items to snuggle on, so there wasn't a lot of snuggling going on in the living room for a while. Now that we've gotten this couch, it seems like the reclining chair is lonely and the fold up chairs are collecting dust. Ah how i've missed a good snuggle, or nap on a comfy couch. Here's to you couch for putting the snuggle back in the living room.  

I think the spirit of my grandmother has been moving in me here lately. I recently aquired one of her sewing machines on my trip back to my mothers house and ever since then i have been trying to sew every chance i get. Sew far (lol) ive completed two projects with a 3rd to be finished here soon. I think i have found a new hobby next to reading. Check out my stuff! whaddya think? The lepoard print skirt and grey dress are my completed items. 
IMG_20130707_213815.jpg                     Dress

This red one is still in process..

normally i don't do the bathroom selfies, but i just had to get one in the fit today, the shirt i didnt make, but overall i think it came together nicely.. :)

any way, i will be back here sooner rather than later promise.. now go check out my other blog! thats where im headed next.