Monday, September 20, 2010

The hardest question of my life at the moment.

In the process of filling out questions for this job that im applying to, i was asked a question that has some how rocked me to my core. In 5 years what do I want to be doing? as i sit here and try to figure that out, all i come up with is a blank. which in turn makes my eyes water. I mean i feel like such a failure at life when i stop and think about all that ive done, well haven't done rather. Ive completed cosmetology school and dont have my license in my current state. When i was given the run around with the state board, i kinda just gave up. Ive completed 3/4 of my LPN school and quit when i had to retake a class and got pregnant. I mean like really wtf am i doing with my life? What direction do i want to take because i cant be a stay at home mom forever. Hell when Lil Mel goes to school what am i going to do then? Damn i really do feel like im just a wandering soul. Hmm...

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