Friday, September 24, 2010

Sleep? What is that?

I can't win for losing. The past few nights I've been real lucky cuz Jr has been sleep by 9 and would sleep til about 4. Well I would always nap when he did which was causing me to not get to sleep til about 1. Well I call myself not napping with him yesterday so I could get to bed at a decent hour. Ha! That didn't happen, babe didn't get home from work until 1030 and my lil sis didn't leave til like an hour after that. So when I finally do get to sleep, my little man decides it's time to get up. This is at quarter to 3. Needless to say I'm still up, my arthritic knees are killing me and my wrists are soon to follow on the pain train. I'm drained and the day really hasn't begun yet. Fml

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