Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Operation Solid Food

This is like day 3 of trying to introduce solids to Mel. Ive been doing the oatmeal cereal mixed with formula for breakfast every morning and so far so good. Even though my child is more on the impatient side and wants his food RIGHT NOW, were making progress. Ive learned that if i start him on the bottle and then slide some cereal in while his mouth is open and give him the bottle again that hell eat the cereal. Ive tried starting off on the cereal so he can get an idea of whats going on. He understands that were eating two things now but once that bottle is in sight its over. Thats what he wants and he wants it now! But overall were doing good on this experience. Yesterday he ate the whole tablespoon of oatmeal!! now if i can just do more spoon food and less bottle in between well be making bigger steps. Whoo!! im glad this is going well. And the oatmeal has more fiber in it so hes pooping more! WHOO!!! lol 

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