Friday, April 22, 2016

April 21, 2016

Yesterday, a scab was ripped open and the wound was deeper than I could have ever expected. I was at work when a news alert came across my phone saying there was a death at the home of Prince in Paisley Park. My first thought was that he had a party and one of those in attendance died. I had no feeling of sorrow or sadness because I just knew Prince was ok. Then the tags on facebook started happening, messages from co-workers started coming through, and then there it was...  Prince dead at 57. I went to multiple sites trying to verify nothing has been confirmed, then it hit me. Prince, the artist formally known as, Mr. Purple Rain himself has moved on to his next life time. Sitting at my desk at work, the tears silently fall to my lap. How can this be? This man, who blessed us with 4 encores last year at the palace is no more. Prince.. gone. After seeing the confirmation on multiple sites, the hurt settled in. He is no longer here with us but he is jammin out with my Aunt Thais. Then it really hit me, my aunt Thais.. she loved him. Even more than my mom, who would play Prince on the weekend while we cleaned. I can hear my aunts laugh as she fusses about us not knowing anything about Prince, and I see her, my mother and my aunt Syl dancing in her kitchen the year we all surprised my grandmother for her 80th birthday. Prince helped me grieve my aunt when she passed. I cant tell you how many times my son and I listened to Free on our 19 hour drive back from her funeral. I listen to that song when I miss grossing her out by telling her that I love her. Now I cant even listen to that song, its too soon. I have cried so much within these past 24 hours of his death its crazy. I cry for him because he is gone, and no longer here to give us his love. I cry because  he is with my aunt. I cry because the one connection i had to her, is no longer here. My heart and soul ache right now. Yeah Prince wasnt my blood family, but he was in my house on a regular basis and even though I can still listen to him, its different now. The wound of my aunts passing was not completely healed, and this just made the cut that much deeper. How am I to mourn her when hes no longer here either. On April 21, 2016 we lost a man that has helped so many in so many ways. I hope the party is jumpin and aunt Thais is having the time of her life with you while the entire world mourns. PRINCE Rodgers Nelson, I love you enjoy your time with my aunt, i know shes pumped to see you. 💜