Saturday, March 12, 2016

Make AmeriKKKa Great Again

Right before my eyes, I am watching this country A.) Go to hell in a flaming hand basket B.) Divide to be conquered and C.) Show its true colors.  

trumps slogan is to make ameriKKKa great again.. Im my 30 years, the history Ive been taught has never really indicated that ameriKKKa was great to begin with. Hell Columbus "discovered" ameriKKKa even though there were already people here and he was such a great person, he gave the natives small pox infected blankets. That has to be the greatness this fool trump keeps referring to right? Or maybe it was all the great actions that our black leaders  suffered from and fought against in the 60's and 70's trying to prove themselves equals to the whites who had power right? Yes, that must be the great times trump is referring to. Getting beaten,hung, having the  police beat your ass because your black. Ah yes, great times.  The seriously scary part is we are reliving this shit now. And it is okay with a lot of people. Rallies where presidential candidates are supposed to speak and show the people why they are going to be a good president for this great country are turning violent and its always the same story. Supporters of trump -who appreciates the violence at his rallies- are putting their hands on anyone who is not like them. This fools son is saying the country is divided now because people are protesting this racist bastard trump, when in fact trump is anti-muslim, anti-black, anti-mexican. Does this not mean that you are dividing those who you do not  think like or support trump like the white sheep? When this man speaks, he says nothing, yet the crowd goes wild EVERY FREAKING TIME.  Ive watched footage of a friend when she was down there at the rally when trump was in town, it wasnt half as bad as the footage from Chicago. But still people were putting their hands on folks as if it were ok. This is why i did not go to this rally, because i will not allow someone to put their hands on me because i dont agree with this bastard. I want to say this is scary to watch all of this unfold, but as the same time, its not really surprising to me. Let me say its an eye opening event.  

As my eyes become open to this madness and I shake my head, my next question is how do i explain this to my son? Raising a melanated child a world that seems to be taking steps back is a daily worry for me. Racism is a taught behavior as is hate, however how do you explain things to your 6 year old in a way that they understand that not everyone different from them is a bad person, yet it seems like there are more and more out there? They have white kids at schools telling melanated children that they will be deported once trump gets into office. These are children. CHILDREN. How do you explain hatred to your child without tainting them? Without taking their innocence? Explain to a 6 year old that because you have brown skin and you are a male, people already feel some kind of way about you, even though you are cute and a great person, they still have prejudged you and expect nothing but the worse. That because you are brown and a male, you have to work harder, and always be aware of your surrounding. I dont want to have these conversations with my son already, but it seems like it is becoming more and more of a requirement that i do and the earlier i do it the better.  If we are to make ameriKKKa great "again" then we need soldiers and strong souls.