Sunday, March 16, 2014

Loving every follicle

Whats something about yourself that you know has changed over the course of time?  For me, one of my main identifiers is my hair. Over the past 8 years my hair has changed. There hasn't been allot of drastic changes, but there have been a few stages in my life. Take for instance, when I first moved here, I always wore my hair in a flat iron, or maybe a curly ponytail. Nothing more. Straight and controllable, that was me.

Then I decided to loc my hair up. That didn't receive allot of good feedback from others. (That didn't matter) I had my locs for about a year. I know I've made some posts about being on that journey. During the time of my locs, I was going through some things. Thankfully were past that stage.  
With overcoming those problems I decided the locs needed to come out, and with that a hair cut was also a necessity.  That was a the shortest my hair has ever been.

 After a little bit of length, I decided to see what the "natural" look was all about. Now don't get it twisted, Ive always been natural... no perms, relaxers and very little color. The natural that I speak of is wearing my curls just as they were. That also means big. Big means it is not the straight and controllable that I was used to. So that was an adjustment. My debut of the natural was at the birthday party of my little cousin. There was very little product and patience with the head in those early stages. Displaying PhotoGrid_1394987546504.jpg When I started doing a little bit of research on products, styles, suggestions etc. I stumbled upon moknowshair. Her tutorials are fantastic, and she was the one who introduced me to my new habit. My CurlBox. What in the world is a CurlBox you ask? Well.... let me enlighten you.. A CurlBox is a monthly subscription for $25, each month you get a box of hair products. My first box was the February box and it came with 4 FULL size products along with many many samples.  You would have thought it was Christmas time as excited as I was. I was truly like a kid in the candy store. The two products that I used the most out of the February were the Aunt Jackie's moisturizing and softening conditioner and Beautiful Texture moisture butter whipped curl cream. The Aunt Jackie's conditioner really helped keep the moisture in hubby's hair when he would get braided. The whipped curl cream was one of the best things that I've put in my hair to help maintain my curls. It keeps the wash and go style very manageable for the week. This will be something that I will be purchasing when I run out.

I just got my March CurlBox yesterday. You should have seen me, I was out in the yard doing work, when i saw the mailman walk by I already knew what time it was. I was dangling in the kitchen window trying to reach the knifes so I can open up my box. This month we got a full line of C arols Daughters brand. Which by the way is now being sold in Targets. Displaying 20140315_174905.jpg The  Sacred Tiare shampoo and conditioner were fantastic in my hair. The shampoo didn't lather too much, which made me feel like I didn't use enough. I didnt go overboard with it though, I know not all shampoos will give you the  super suds. Plus this product lacks ingredients of other shampoos that can be purchased for less than $5.00. The saying goes,  you get what you pay for. And I am paying for better products with less harmful ingredients to put in my hair. Also in the box came a leave in conditioner, and styling cream.   Displaying 20140315_210221.jpgThe leave-in conditioner made my hair more manageable and easier to comb through. I used the styling cream to roll my hair on some rollers. Displaying 20140315_210027.jpg Since I dont have any flex rods, I figured I would just twist and roll my hair up. After a horrible nights sleep, and a few hours under the dryer, I took the rollers out and just pinned my hair up for the day. Displaying 20140316_111552.jpg I am super pumped to use an entire line of great products like Carols Daughter. Especially since this is a brand I have been wanting to try.
If you get a CurlBox what do you think about the products? Want to see the finished look, follow me on instagram.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I hate waiting..

If you didn't know that, well, I guess now you do. My patience level has always been on the low side, so when I have to wait, well, that's just dumb. Well I guess it's not really dumb, but more of a way to help increase the patience that I have. Take for instance, right now the car is in the shop, so that gives me a set of waiting periods. I have to wait for the bus to get where Im going, and I have to wait to hear back from the mechanic. BOO! Something else that Ive been having to wait on is, a shift in roles at work. Ive been doing some research and I see that the place Im trying to slide into is vacant and waiting, but there is a process and I have to follow it. Right now Im waiting to find out when this process will start. -_- The winter this year has been something like crazy. One day we had rain, the next we were under a winter storm warning. This week we were up to about 75 degrees, the next day we dropped to 40 in a matter of hours. Can we say over winter aka waiting for spring. lol Ugh where is the fast forward button when you need it?