Monday, December 13, 2010

its now time to baby proof my home.

Jr is now  7 months, he isnt crawling because he hates being on his stomach. I put  him in his walker and over the past two days hes realized how to get moving in that thing. He scoots to the tv and the christmas tree. I am constantly getting up and telling him no when hes in that tree. its crazy. he walked around his bedroom today and was instantly drawn to the tall dresser in his room. he was pullin like crazy at the drawers. Then he wandered to his changing table. I had to push everything back against the wall so he couldnt grab anything. I didnt realize i was going to be in constant motion with him, but it only makes sense. Its exciting watching him grow. Hell he's 7 months now and i STILL have those: OMG this is my child moments. That still blows my mind.

7 months and counting, Jr is learning to walk in his walker. He can scoot backwards on the ground, along with rolling over both ways. He is drooling on EVERYTHING and EVERTHING is going in his mouth. He can sit up for long periods of time before falling back   He blows plenty of spit bubbles and is a babbling mess. lol He is truly my heart.<3 p.e.a.c.e

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