Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting real old real fast....

I swear I have to be thee only mom whose kid isn't sleeping thru the night. It's 209a I've been up with Jr since 1235. It's a good thing I don't have to work tomorrow otherwise I'd be 38hot. I just don't understand why it is some nights he'll sleep til 530-600 and then I get nights like this. He had him a bottle and then just decided to act anass tonight, he's been up screaming like someones beatin him ever sincehe finished his bottle. I'm trying my best not to get aggrivated since I know he can tell when I'm getting pissd, but comeon man this shit is getting real old real fast. I just don't understand why A.) he can't sleep thru the night all the time and B.) why he always has to act out on my night. It's times like this that shows me my patience level isn't where it's supposed to be. My nephew said it gets better after the get a little bit older.. How old is a little bit older? Cuz his up all night ish is for the birds.. Ooh lord please give me the patience.

Friday, January 28, 2011

long time not blog...

i know, shame on me... ive only blogged once this month. but the sad thing about it is that ive started like 3 blogs this month and just never finished them. smh. oh well...
i figure id blog while Sr is changing the oil on his work truck and Jr is sleep. Im pretty proud of myself, Jr will be 9 months on the 4th and he is just now catching a little cold, and really it isnt even a cold, more of a sinus infection. Sr took him to the dr today, and they said other than the sinus infection, he is growing very well. as of right now hes 21 lbs... can we say heavy!!! especially when i have to carry him in the car seat! whew! but at the same time, im getting some good exercise when i carry him. well my right arm is getting some good exercise. i keep saying my right arm is going to look like popeyes and the left one will be oliveoils. lol 
Other than Jr being sick, things are going really well. he is clapping his hands and waving byebye, he says dada (of course) and mama--from what im told.. he never says it when im around, he always smiles or laughs when i tell him to say mama. im thinking of changing his daycare provider.. nothing is wrong with where he is at, i just want him to be around other kids and start getting some education. they say the first 5 years are critical, so im trying to get an early start on things. oh well, we shall see how that process goes...
to be continued.. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

welcome to the new year!

7 days into the new year and i have yet to make a post. smh sorry world, ive just been kinda busy. My baby boy is now 8 months!! my how time flys. Hes getting bigger everyday, hes been walking around the house in his walker but now he knows how to get to where he wants to go. he chases pachino all around the house until pachino goes into the corner that he cant get into. lol its so funny. 
we had a new years eve party at out house, and surprisingly jr slept thru the whole thing. I was shocked but very greatful. lol we had a good time. only bad thing about new years now is that you cant get fubar because you have to take care of a little person the next morning, and that little person doesnt care what happened the previous night, hes still going to get up at the ass crack of dawn. lol needless to say i didnt drink much new years.
mama t said that he said mama the other day while he was there so you already know we were mamama in the car on the way home. do you know it took him til the next day to finally say mama to me. hes waving bye now and it even sounds like he said byebye the other day. were now on the road to him talking.. and if hes anything like his daddy, hes gonna be talking all day, everyday, about everything and nothing all at the same time. lol well thats all for now, i gotta get in motion to work. be blessed. p.e.a.c.e