Sunday, November 21, 2010

just a moment in my mind..

 This is our babysitter. lol just playin. this boy loves him some pachino. My computer is finally working again, so now i can post my pictures again. right now jr is sleeping, so i figured id take a moment to blog a little bit. 
I made some white chicken chili tonight, and mel loved it. yay! its getting cold out so its soup and stew type weather to me. So im just glad that i made one that he likes. now to make stew. 
i think jr is hitting another growing spurt. hes been doing alot of sleeping when were just hanging out at home. its like he eats and hangs out for like an hour then he just starts getting cranky and  finally passes out. if he is in   a growing spurt, im ready. ive already washed his 6-9 month clothes and hes actually been wearing some. i need to get him some more socks. i dont really know where to find any at. I cant recall ever seeing any when i worked at target. All i know is that my little fat foot baby needs some more socks.
Sr is watching the game and im getting sleepy so this is where this blog ends. lol 

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