Saturday, May 31, 2014

Busy Little Bee

In motion, that's what I've been. It all started last weekend. I had this great idea about how I wanted my hair to be. Thanks to my email subscription to Natural Hair Rules, I decided that I wanted to do yarn wraps/locs or faux locs. I thought it would be a great idea since its about to be hot outside, my hair needs a break from the heat, and natural big hair is hot. So 20 hours later, this is what I look like. I love them. We shall see how long they last.
If you like em and want yours done, let me know, we can talk prices. If you want anything else done, twists, braids, updos, flatirons, whatever, I can do it. Lets talk!
So after I got this done, we decided we were going hiking. We went to a park here locally and had a blast. This was everyones first time hiking, I can guarantee it wont be the last. We actually plan on going back tomorrow, this time were adding to the group. 

Today was the first day of the rest of my life as a "Sports Mom." My baby (who isn't a baby anymore) started TeeBall
I am #10's mom. And according to my friend, I am the "loud mom." Guess what?!? I don't care! I posted a video on Instagram of him when he was batting, and all you can hear is me yelling "Run baby Run." In my defense, I yelled for everyone's kid. I was something like "assistant coach" today. (yes I gave myself that title)  After all, I had to help get the kids in order for batting and keep the bench right today. So the AC title is appropriate. LOL Even dad got put to work today, he held down 3rd base to make sure the kids ran there and not all over the field. As my cousin Coco said, youth sports is Organized Chaos. It was too cute. All the kids would swarm the ball when it was hit and run everywhere, some of the kids after they hit it would go chase the ball too. It was too funny. Needless to say, I am pumped for the season. I will have on my team colors next week. I love it.

Saturday, May 3, 2014


My last post was about 3 weeks ago when all of the fun Derby festivities were starting.. Today is DERBY!! So much has happened within that time, I just have to share. I think the most game changing event that has happened thus far is my promotion. I applied to be a team lead in the same call center I work in about a month ago. That was one of the longest months in my life. lol I applied and from there it took about 2 weeks to get the phone interview, from there it took another week to get the face to face interview and then it was like a bajilion weeks to hear something back. i kid, but that's what it felt like. I got this news on a Friday, so you know that started the weekend off right! This past week, I started in my role. When i did the team lead thing last year for a 2 month stint, it didn't seem to start out so rough. But when i was interim before, my team was training still, so I had time to prepare and get myself ready, whereas with this, I'm starting off filling someone elses shoes. That is a whole new game. lol Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I just have to come a little more prepared. I'm going to take a little more time Sunday to get a little more prepared for this upcoming week. I've obtained allot of good info and resources from other leads, so now i just have to organize them in a fashion that will work for me. Ive said it before and I'll say it again. I will be the best damn lead ever. I'm excited for this challenge.

Some of my readers may know that my wonderful little boy is a Derby baby. Which means he will always have a bomb birthday when he gets older. So to start his birthday weekend off, I decided to take him to Churchill Downs to watch the horses practice.

We got out there about 7:00 Thursday morning, I wasn't sure what to expect so it was something new to the both of us. Let me tell you, for someone who knows nothing of horses or horse racing, watching those horses practice was one beautiful moment. Ive never been to Churchill Downs before, Ive been to the museum, but that does no justice whatsoever for the track. I enjoyed watching the horses prance past us up close and personal, but i enjoyed my sons reaction to the horses more. Hes growing up to be such a big young man, it just makes my eyes water every time i think about it.

In case you were wondering who the winning derby horse is going to be, let me give you a little insight.. 
Little Tiny will be this years winner.

After going to the track, we went to the Pegasus Parade. This was the first year going to the parade since being out here, and it was chilly. But the weather every Derby is generally chilly. But we were out there watching everything going down. 
This was the best view in the house, too bad it was only enough room for one.

This is my life. I wouldn't change a thing.