Sunday, September 1, 2013


Family first was the motto this weekend. My cousin and his wonderful girlfriend came to visit us from DC this weekend. This was exactly the kind of weekEnd i needed after a week of hell. 
My cousin GJ is the oldest boy, runner up to me as the oldest. To me its dope that we are able to kick it as adults. I remember in the summers when him and his siblings would come to visit, we would play cousins club. We'd play school, be outside, just doing whatever, but whatever it was we were doing, it was cousins club. 
This weekend we didnt do anything too extravagent. We went and walked the new pedestrian bridge here in the ville. That turned out to be an arugement with Jr. He seemed to think that he needed to be mackin on GJs girlfriend, trying to make the walk on the bridge their first date. We had to let them walk way ahead so he would leave them alone. Lol Jr just knew he had a new girlfriend this weekend. I tried to warn GJ.

We also went and played pool. Im no pool shark, hell I cant break to save the life of me. Sr and GJ played against each other while Yaya and I played. I think the guys played a total of 6 games, while we played a whopping 2 games. Lol clearly we were the beginners table. Then we came home and Team 2llz had to give them the business in some spades. Overall, i had a great weekend. Its always nice when your family comes in town for a few days. 
On another note, Jrs daycare closed this past friday.. im lightweight distraught. Keep in mind ive been spoiled with this same facility since Jr was a baby.. we've been here for the past 3 years, i know the teachers and the other kids. Ive been spoiled.. But just like everything in life, it must come to an end. I think im the one who has been more emotional about the whole situation. Sr is like "ok bye yall, thanks." Jr was like it was just another friday. Im crying while im hugging teachers bye. Judge me if you want, these women have made a difference in my families life. I will forever love the staff at All My Children. So here's to a new season.

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