Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ahh welcome to my world

My new world consists of being a mommy, the wife of a musician and now a dog trainer. We decided to take this wonderful, floppy eared german shepherd named Bella. The idea of getting her was to satisfy my need for a new dog,  get some energy back in my old man pachino,  and give jr someone to run,  play and grow up with.  Little did I in know this broad is crazy and stubborn as she wants to be. Ive had 3 pitbulls, and none of them were this stubborn. It seems the last puppy we took, (our grandpuppy) was a ginormous boy named zues, who was goofy as hell and got away with murder, has come back into our lives as my son. Jr is goofy as all get out, thinks he can get away with anything and is something like a small giant. Sr seems to think that this little crazy girl Bella is going to be a sign of what a new addition may be to our family. Lord help me if it is.

This summer has been a very fun filled and busy summer. Weve taken trips to both grandparents houses, gone to amusement parks, rollerskating and swimming pools.
I was nervous about taking jr to the pool and swimming but turns out i have a bubble guppie on my hands.
We recently went to the state fair and jr was able to see some animals and ride some rides. I love taking him to the fairs because i came from the country, and i want him to be a well rounded individual, and not some city slicker like his pappy.
Well heres to the start of a new school year. even though Romell is still in daycare, He will be starting prek in his new school next month.  

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