Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year Good People

happy new year good people. i hope your new year has been all that you have made it so far. this was the first year in about 5 that we have not thrown a nye party, and you know what? it was a nice change to bring in the new year with. i think the  season with alot of those people who used to come has changed. and by change i dont mean that in a bad way, but the last party that i remember having the most fun at was at least 3 years ago. i love everyone that ive ever brought the new year in with, but im just in a different place in my life. this year i brought it in with people that i know i am supposed to be around for this period of my journey. im excited for 2013 and everything it brings. 

so im sitting in the bed typing this trying to get this child of mine to sleep, and i had to stop for a minute because my child just wanted to talk with me. he told me who all of his class mates are, what he had for lunch, what he does with his friend Quin in class and everything. like omg i just had a serious conversation with my two year old. lol hes getting so big, like when i look at him it 
makes my eyes water that he is so big now. like i miss my wittle baby. can you tell hes my only? as im typing this now, he was laying on my arm and told me to be
still.  lol what? who are you? smh. it just blows his mind to see how much hes grown. heres proof of my small 

beast i have. thats more than half my foot by the way. care to make donations to his show fund?

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