Monday, January 14, 2013

New to me...

This is a new year, and with the new year, normally brings resolutions, goals and blah blah blah.. well for me it brings a new way of thinking, new way of eating and a new way of acting.  Take for instance, i wrote last year about how i am having to unlearn alot of what i know, to realize things for what they are. With that new way of thinking, brings a new way of acting. I cant continue to react the way i used to when i was in my lower self, because that wasnt making things better only the same and sometimes worse. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?? Well that  was a the stage i was stuck in and obviously it  wasnt getting me any where. so in the process of becoming a better person and being in my higher self, my way of acting is something that needs to change as well. I like the results that im getting with my changes and growth. I may have a few slip ups to where i fall into my lower self, but thats part of growing right? 
Recently Sr and I have decided to cut alot if not all of the processed meat out of our diet. We went grocery shopping yesterday and got a whole lot of food minus the meat!!! Last night i made tofurkey wraps and cranoat cookies. i was turned onto them when we went to a vegan friends house. i can honestly say that the tofurkey in spinach wraps are one of the best and easiest things ive ever ate/made. I also made some cranoat cookies last night, that came from a vegan recipe. the werent "vegan" so to speak, since i had margarine already in the house but they still came out just as good. scratch that those cookies were good as hell. lol tonight i made a nice salad for sr and  had a wrap with lettuce, onion, green peppers, cream cheese and italian dressing. sounds weird but i ate that 3 hours ago and im still full. I think im going to like being a vegetarian. 
Heres to the new new.

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