Tuesday, September 10, 2013


When it comes to war, I try not to pay it to much mind. Yes that is an ignorant thing to do, as it is important to be aware of whats going on even if it doesnt effect you directly. The thought of war was always something that I never knew much of, being ive never been and everyone I know who is or was military was never combat. Im reading this book called The Things They Carried, and at first it started off slow and I wasnt too sure about it, but I decided to keep on reading and give it a chance. This book is one based on events that took place in Vietnam.  Now when I think of the war in viet-f***ing-nam I think of Forest Gump, obviously. This war is something i know nothing about, why we went there, what we were fighting for, nothing. What I do know is that my grandfather was there twice. I know he was in the army, but what he did I dont know. Reading this book makes me wonder what he saw, did, felt and thought while he was there. Im only about 105 pages in and the things im reading, im just in amazement and awe. There's a part in there where the author mentions of one of the guys in his platoon, and how he was playing catch one minute and the next blown into the tree because he stepped on a land mine. They were then ordered to peel the remains out of the tree. The other guy who was playing catch was the victims best friend. Later as they were humpin (moving around)they found this water buffalo, so they tied it up and took it with them. The victims best friend started taking his anger out on the animal by shooting at it. And I dont mean one shot take em out, I mean shooting its leg, the meaty part of its hind leg, its mouth completely off its face, and the whole time this animal is alive, not making a sound.  Now I dont know if this is a true story or not, but either way, it is a story that will stick with me forever. My view is, how awful that is for the animal and cruel, where as someone that is or was military would be able to relate because they know the feeling of the victims best friend. There's another part where one of the soldiers girlfriend somehow made it to Vietnam and was kickin it at the medic site with them, she started helping out alot more and then decided she was going on missions with the green berets that were at the same site. One night the boyfriend finds her in what appears to be a seance type atmosphere with a necklace of human tongues tied together. Imagine if this was something that really happened.  Like omg. This is nothing that the media feeds us when telling about the wars. Its almost as if... well it is what they want us to know to make us think that everything is ok and secure, when really our people are over seas all kinds if fucked up. I know opium was a big drug during Vietnam and some of if not all of could be a result of an opium trip, but still. I could only imagine. I wonder if my grandfather were still alive today would he tell stories of what he saw, did and felt, or would it be something he would take to the grave. Reading this definitely give me a new perspective on wars and the things soldiers see over there, and im not even done reading it yet. So to any and everyone that is currently or has previously served in our military,  thank you. For all you have sacrificed, seen, done and felt. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.

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