Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Ever heard the saying "when it rains, it pours?" I have been fortunate enough to miss the major storm for some time now, but it seems that this one I just couldnt avoid.

It started drizzling when I got another ear infection. Fine I still have medicine from the last one that hasnt expired, so ill self medicate. The rain started coming down when I get the call saying "Babe, I just got hit, im down the street from the house. The truck is totalled."  Now, well now its storming. I was told on the way home, "I think the air is broken, its 82 degrees inside the house and its making some noise." Please keep in mind that as im writing this at 9:32pm, its 83 degrees outside now. And its projected to be 99 or 100 degrees tomorrow.  can you see my storm yet? On top of that, im stressed with the insurance company and what thay outcome is going to be. Well let me rephrase that, im not stressed, but all of the above is something constantly running through my head. I guess right now, some kind of way is the only way to describe how im feeling right now. Idk. If you're reading this, send me some good energy, send me strength,  prayers or whatever it is you do. Its appreciated.

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  1. I'm on mine baby...I'm just looking for the big umbrella this time..just keep in mind that after every storm there is a beautiful rainbow, and we all know that at the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold...Luv you Baby we just gotta hang in there...