Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Ever feel like you’ve had that “aha” moment? Last night when I was cooking dinner, it just seemed like a light went on and everything suddenly became more clear. Sr was helping around the kitchen last night, and we were just talking away. I told him that everything just seems so different now, and it seems like its little things too. Take for instance, im enjoying cooking my food more. I don’t know if it was because I was doing more prepping, just cooking more fresh food or how colorful the food seems to be now, but I was really enjoying making dinner last night. Sr said things seem to be better because we don’t have so much processed food in our system, which is true. We haven’t had meat really since last Thursday maybe? So it seems like were lighter, and full of a different fuel. With drinking the detox tea, eating better and just having a different thought process it just seemed like life is finally becoming what it should be. I finally feel like I am where Im supposed to be in life and im surrounded by the people I need to be around. When I say I feel like im on a different level right now, I truly mean it.  I feel almost like im hovering above my physical self watching me in action. I was also talking with sr last night just reflecting over the past 8 years of our life together, and I was telling him how grateful I am for him. Weve  been through a lot of ups and downs, happy, sad and frustrating moments, and here we still stand, strong, happy and together. I hope that we can set an example of what real love is like for all of those wishing to have the same ,with understanding that its not all roses all the time. Ok so enough with all the mushy, deep stuff. Lol on to what I made last night!!!
                                Last night I made some tofu tacos!!! This was my first time using or making tofu. And I must say it came out so  good.  i had tofu when we went to the mongolian grill last week and it tasted like straight up cardboard, needless to say i was kinda skeptical about using tofu. But using this recipe it came out pretty good, the only thing i changed was i doubled the chili and cumin. other than that, last nights dinner was FIRE.
i ended up adding some refried beans to the equation since i had some pinto beans left over, and topped the actual tostadas with lettuce, tomatoes, avacado and taco cheese. Needless to say i am totally enjoying this new venture. 

i hope yall enjoy reading this since i do enjoy writing. and Jordan if youre reading, i love my little unmedicated world you should too. <3

bless yall

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