Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I've been called a slacker before many moons ago, but today it seems to be true again. I know i haven't been on this like I should. It just seems like life will keep you busy sometimes. Between raising this wonderful son of mine and watching my husbands music career grow, I've been one busy chic.
> i wonder if the amazement will every wear off that this is my son.
> He's getting so big so fast. He's still only two and it seems like he had been around forever. He's talking more, and learning to write his name, and holding like serious conversations. It just cracks me up the things he says some times. Like one morning he told Pachino "hey buddy morning." For Pachino to be such an old man (hell be 9 this year) he loves this child, he doesn't do much with him but he knows that's his brother.
> I signed jr up for the free build and grow clinics at Lowes this past weekend, and his buddy did too.  So this turned into a daddy bonding time. They had fun building the monster trucks and playing in Lowes. He was so cute in his little apron.
> Its nights like tonight that i enjoy the most. Its a laid back night chilling in the bed. Sr had a show tonight, and usually on those days we do everything early and chill out in the bed. Right now were watching despicable me and sipping some tea. Lol i rhymed.
> Uh well good people I'll give ya more later, I'm ready to snuggle up with my mini.
P.s I'm doing this from my phone, so the layout is probably crazy. I apologize

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