Tuesday, January 22, 2013

i keep putting my foot in it...

if youve never heard the statement that of you put your foot in it (it being the meal) it means that you just cooked your ass off. And apparently thats what ive been doing here lately. the last three meals i have made have been sooooo good. i made black bean and potato enchiladas, mushroom stroganoff and tonight chili. We have been meat free for almost two weeks now, and i feel so much better when i eat. apparently sr is enjoying everything that ive made as well since he asked me to marry him again. i guess when they said the way to a mans heart is through his stomach they werent lying. lol ive been meaning to take pictures of the food as it gets done, but im so excited to get babes reaction to the food ive been forgetting. now if only i can get my child to start eating some it ill be happy. its not that jr doesnt want to eat vegetarian/vegan, he just doesnt want to try anything different when hes with me. And thats what i dont get. He eats at school, and when he goes to his sitters house or anywhere else im not. im almost wondering if i pack a lunch and send it with him if he would eat that. hmmm that may be worth a try. anyway i just wanted to rant and rave about my good food here lately. if you want the recipes that ive used here they are:

the portobello mushroom stroganoff.. i used egg noodles for the first serving and ended up getting some brown rice for the second serving. i liked the rice with it better

the black bean and potato enchiladas.. better than any restaurant

the vegan chili

if you try any of these let me know what you think. you can always follow me on  pintrest too.


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