Sunday, August 25, 2013

Counting our blessings

All thanks be to Allah that sr was able to walk away from this. Rest in peace to my truck, its been real lady.

I dont know if the dude wasnt paying attention or what. But he T boned the hell out out of sr today. You see the pics and the damages. Sr said when dude hit him, he spun and hit a pole, thankfully he had on his seatbelt and no-one else was with him. when I got to the car and was able to survey everything, there was glass everwhere, jr car seat was over turned and the cupholder on it broke off, the middle consoles lid wont close because everything had been smashed up and thats just the minor stuff. It was fluids leaking from where dude hit him and everything.  Dudes truck was pretty smashed up too, but no where near as bad as ours. The police officer said the truck is totalled.

Now that we are home from the hospital and settled down, I am just so grateful that my baby was able to walk away with just soreness. When im looking at this truck my eyes just fill up with tears of gratefulness. This could have been so much worse. All praises to Allah foreal. 

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