Thursday, December 27, 2012

the times are changing...

Ive been doing some research/studying of thing like how to become more conscious of self, raise my vibrations, and how to open up my chakras. It seems like the more you work to better yourself, the more things work against you. Ive been writing every morning the things that i am grateful for and continuing to add to the list throughout the day. i started that yesterday and i felt my energy levels rise thus raising my vibration levels. it seemed like because my energy/vibrations were  so high, everyone else around was so negative or with low vibrations. I was reading how we need to unlearn everything we know because 9 times out of 10 its a lie and how 5/6th of our brain is the subconscious. it also said that the subconscious cant tell whats real vs fake and that's why we react to movies with the emotion we do, because it cant tell the difference between the two. After reading the info that i was reading, i became more aware of the things around me and the things i was thinking. yesterday my thoughts for the day were joy, gratefulness and peace. That was something that i focused on throughout the day, along with adding to my grateful list, and i swear i was happy and as good as can be.  even babe had to ask why i was so happy. it wasn't a matter of just being happy, it was being grateful for life and what i do have. just the list and the continued thoughts alone made my day better. when i cam home and was talking with Sr and my brother about is, my brother mentioned something to me. keep in mind that my brother is a moor and studies this diligently.  he said that because of the alignment of mars and Neptune, the energy is changing and people will be more aggressive and sexual until around jan 4th. on dec 21 the world didn't end but the age of a Pisces ended and we are now going in to the aquarian age. on that day, i swear to you, i felt the energy change, and just felt it within. i don't know if it is because i am a Pisces or what, but on that day i was just restless and felt like i needed more. upon doing my reading these past two days, i feel like i am slowly coming into self. like i was telling Sr earlier today when he asked why the sudden change or desire to learn and become more conscious. i told him that what Ive always been taught isn't working the way i want or think it should, so why not unlearn that and try a different approach to this thing called life. That's what its all about right? So here's to a new journey..

p.e.a.c.e.-- positive energy/education achieves constant elevation.

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